TheDevCouple is a registered brand under the WGA LLC run by Ahmad Awais and Maedah Batool. We are able to hire developer apprentices to help us cover the news, write guides and to contribute FOSS (free & open source software) with the help of our partners. It’s also how everyone on the TheDevCouple team contributes to the WordPress core. Take a look at the team members at below. Say 👋 to us on Twitter.



Ahmad Awais is a senior Full Stack Web Developer, who regularly contributes to the WordPress Core, WP REST API, Customizer, & Editor components as a WordPress Engineer. He builds professional open source software used by thousands of developers worldwide E.g. WP Customizer Sublime Package, Advanced WP Gulp workflow, etc. You can find him writing, building, talking everything about WordPress & making terrible jokes.

👋 Say Hi to him on Twitter — @MrAhmadAwais.

Favorite Emoji: 🔥💯🎯


Maedah Batool is a WordPress Core Contributor, Journalist, Developer & a teacher. She created a tech-training startup called FinkTanks through which last year alone she has taught 300+ girls how to code with WordPress. After her startup FinkTanks got acquired, she's been working as the Creative Director — spreading the word about WordPress and teaching people about freelancing. Maedah & Ahmad got married in Dec, 2016.

👋 Say Hi to her on Twitter — @MaedahBatool.

Favorite Emoji: ⚡️🚀🎉


A WordPress Developer and Core Contributor with a computer science degree. Ashar has a deep understanding of front-end tech and he creates professional themes and plugins when not contributing to the open source community.

👋 Say Hi to him on Twitter — @MrAsharIrfan.

Favorite Emoji: 🙌📦🎊‍

Saqib Ameen

WordPress Translation Editor, Designer & Developer. Student of computer science at UET and part of the TheDevCouple Editorial Team. Getting serious about writing, open source software, and WordPress community.

👋 Say Hi to him on Twitter — @MrSaqibAmeen.

Favorite Emoji: 🎩💻✌