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Yesterday, I arranged a local WordPress Translation Day 3 Event with the help of Ahmad Awais, Maedah Batool, and Ashar IrfanΒ along with many others to participate in the Global WordPress Translation Day.

[EVENT SUMMARY]: Global WordPress Translation Day 3 1  Community

It was the second WP translation event organized in Pakistan. As the date coincided with a religious congregation here in Pakistan, so this time we had to shift our plan from in-person event to online event.

⚑️The Event

I announced the WordPress Translation Day event couple of days before at WPCouple. I wrote about what we have accomplished as a translator community, and what we plan to do further. Briefly, here are the details of the event from the announcement:

  • Date: September 30, 2017
  • Time: 5:30 PM WP-Pakistan Slack #meetup channel
  • Join Us:Β WP-Pakistan Slack

About 20+ people participated in the event. I started off the event by teaching the new translators how to translate. Thanks to Ahmad, I had already written a brief post on How To Translate WordPress Into Urdu. I shared this resource, our agenda, and necessary guidelines to get started. I remained in the slack group throughout the event to help the translators. Here’s the list of top 3 contributors:

[EVENT SUMMARY]: Global WordPress Translation Day 3 2  Community

Yes! I also made to this list.Β πŸ™Œ

πŸ”₯Β Accomplishments

At the time of planning the event, we planned to translate WooCommerce 100% into Urdu this time. But due to overlapping of a religious engagementΒ day, we could not make it to 100%. However, we are much pleased that we participated in the Global Translation Day, and contributed to the open source community.

πŸ“£Β With the help of 20+ translators (including those who had contributed before), we managed to translate WooCommerce Development Trunk 61% into Urdu. 2,500+ strings were translated during the event.

[EVENT SUMMARY]: Global WordPress Translation Day 3 3  Community

πŸŽ‰Β New Translators

I am very much pleased to have two new members in our translator’s community. One isΒ Maedah Batool – A WordPress Core Contributor, who translated for the very first time. She’s now our new Translation Editor as well. πŸ’―

The other guy is, Hassan Murtaza. He also contributed for the first time. I congratulate both of them on joining the translation community. BTW did you notice both of them got the awesome Translation Contributor badges on their profiles?Β πŸ…

We’re also thankful to the rest of the translators who contributed and helped us to come this far.

🌱 What’s Next

We – as a community – look forward to joining more such events and contribute to the open source. WooCommerce is our priority, sooner or later we’ll be translating it 100% into Urdu. Maybe we’ll have another event for this.



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