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The rise of the WordPress page builder plugins over the past years has created endless customization possibilities. Many theme developers jumped on to the opportunity and started creating multi-purpose WordPress themes. Multi-purpose themes rely on a page builder and provide a single template for any site.

While searching for some neat and performant multi-purpose theme for one of my side projects, I came across this incredible multi-purpose theme – Noor.

With 30+ demos, it provides tons of features including seamless integration with WPML, AMP support, lazy load, and  RTL languages support. I was quite overwhelmed to encounter this theme, so I decided to give it a try, and it was worth it.

After using it for a while, I am pretty excited to share this amazing theme with you. In this review, I will take a deep dive into its features and how you can get started with it to build your next site.



Noor is a premium multi-purpose WordPress theme developed by the awesome team at PixelDima, who have curated quality resources for designers and developers. Currently, they serve 1300+ happy customers and offer premium as well as free stuff. Being a design cum development team, they also rock a solid design awards stack.

Noor makes use of WPBakery page builder to provide a rich customization experience. It rocks a pretty clean and minimal design paired with amazing user experience & performance. WPBakery & revolution slider comes in the package with Noor, so you don’t have to purchase them separately.


Within less than two months of its launch, it has made 150+ sales at ThemeForest. During this short span, it also won three design awards – Awwards, CSSWinner, and CSSDesignAwards.

According to its developers:

To achieve this pixel-perfect design, we worked on the design for more than 1 year, every single day. And create over 140+ PSDs.

💰 Pricing

Noor is available at ThemeForest for $59 with future updates and up to 6 months support. You can additionally buy 12 months support for $17.63. They are selling it for pennies on the dollar to support the theme eco-system, but this really should be a pricey theme.


🍕 Features

Noor comes with literally tons of features packed in. I won’t go into details of all features because it would take a whole day to describe them. However, I’ll go through the major features which Noor has to offer.

→ AMP Supported

AMP plays a significant role in driving more traffic to your site and provides a better experience to the mobile users. Noor comes with built-in support for AMP. All you need is to install AMP after installation of Noor, and you’re done. They’ve also created a demo for its AMP site.


The most exciting feature about Noor is the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support. This is phenomenal! Especially after the recent announcement from Google that page speed is now a ranking factor for your mobile speed as well.

Ahmad Awais

The part that I like the most here is, Noor goes an extra mile to provide you with great customization options for your AMP site. Go to the customization options of your WordPress site and start making the changes you want!

Noor Review — A Fine Tuned Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 1 noor wordpress theme WordPress Themes

→ Extensive Documentation

If you head to the YouTube channel of PixelDima, you’ll find a playlist of 38 videos on Noor. The playlist includes videos on almost every section of the theme to help you get started. The videos are precise, high quality, and voice free. (Not sure what happened to the mic? 🎤🤭 but these are good anyway!)


→ Layout Options

Noor uses WPBakery as a page builder but with its custom shortcodes. These shortcodes use the same design language as the rest of the theme. Which means no extra CSS files. Also, the drag and drop functionality makes building pages fun and easy.

✅ Header: You can have every kind of header that you can think of. Fixed, sidebar, left, right, you name it.

✅ Footer: Just like header, you can have a footer with any number of divisions to meet your needs.

✅ Layout Styles: Noor also provides you with several options, when it comes to defining the overall layout of your site.

👀 If I could wish for one thing here, that’d be support for Elementor Page Builder. Only coz I personally like that.


→ Multiple Demos

With Noor, you can build almost every type of site. It includes more than 30 unique demos suitable for any website. Not only you see these demos but also import with a single click. We will go into details later.

👉 Sites type include corporate, agency, portfolio, blog, e-commerce, single product, construction, medical, and much more.


→ WPML Compatible

If you’re thinking of creating a multilingual site, then Noor lets you do this using WPML. It contains a configuration file for WPML – wpml-config.xml – which lists all the custom fields, posts, and taxonomies to be translated.

💠 Just install WPML on your site with Noor and start translating right away.


→ Developer Friendly

Noor has been built using npm Scripts, Sass, and Gulp. It comes with all the source and build files to provide a fully organized workflow for the developers. According to the dependencies list in package.json file, it also supports ES Next.  💯


→ RTL Languages Support

Another amazing feature of Noor is, it supports right to left (RTL) written languages. Like Arabic, Urdu, or Hebrew. So, if you build sites for some Middle East clients, or want to add RTL language option, better keep a check on this theme. Check out the demo at PixelDima or GIF below.

Noor Review — A Fine Tuned Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 2 noor wordpress theme WordPress Themes

→ Speed

A visually appealing theme is of no use if it does not performs well. And Noor, despite its tons of features and everything, loads up pretty fast. Check out the performance measure by GMatrix below. 🎯


→ Other Features

The list is huge, and everything cannot be covered. However, other notable features are below:

▶️ Ads Ready: Noor lets you add your ads code at multiple places according to your needs. Also, it detects ad-blocker 😲 on the browser and asks the visitor to disable it before viewing the content.

▶️ Optimization: Apart from using Gulp to minify code and merge scripts, Noor uses optimization techniques like lazy loading, and SVG to further enhance the speed.

▶️ Support for Plugins: By default, Noor integrates easily with bbPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce.

🔥 Getting Started with Noor

Follow the quick steps below to get started:

→ Step #1

Go to WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New. Click Upload Theme button, select the .zip theme file, install, and activate it.


→ Step #2

After installation, it redirects you to the required plugins page. Noor Assistant and WPBakery are the required plugins and packaged in the theme. Rest of the plugins are optional.

However, every plugin supports different features of the theme. So depending on your needs, you can only install a few plugins to reduce the site load.  


→ Step #3

Go to Noor > Install Demos and click on install to import any demo on your site. It will take a couple of minutes to import all the elements on your site.


→ Step #4

Now go to Appearance > Customize,  here you will find customization options for all the components of the theme. Click the desired component and start customizing it.


⛳ Building a Custom Page

There are two ways you can get started with building a custom page i.e. using backend editor or using frontend editor.

→ Using Backend Editor

To create a custom page using page builder, go to Pages > New Page. Here, select Backend Editor, and choose from 250+ unique elements to start building your page.

Noor Review — A Fine Tuned Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 3 noor wordpress theme WordPress Themes

→ Using Frontend Editor

Alternatively, you can click on Frontend Editor and build as you watch.


🍩 Final Thoughts

Noor provides a well thought minimal design, excellent user experience, and features to cope up with any site needs. WPBakery and Revolution Slider both are premium plugins but comes in the package with Noor for free. Considering this fact, $59 would be definitely a good investment that you can make.

⁉️ There’s one inconsistency which I found in this theme – Noor menu in the WP Dashboard. It adds a colorful menu on the dashboard. That is all kinds of wrong. I’d recommend the author to go read Ahmad’s blog Never Build Colored Icons/Menus in WordPress.


👉 Another suggestion that I have is to know, how PixelDima plans to cope up with the Gutenberg update? Will they revamp their components to fit in Gutenberg blocks? I would love to see a Gutenberg compatible Noor theme.

So, if you’re looking for a clean, easily customizable, and fast multi-purpose WordPress theme, you should consider Noor. Or if you already have any experience with Noor or any multi-purpose WordPress theme, feel free to share in the comments.



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