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With the abrupt and ongoing acceleration in technology, cyber threats are getting more sophisticated. The stand-alone solutions are no more capable of ensuring full-proof security against the ever-changing threats and breaches.

Threat attackers make use of advanced resources and techniques to break through the traditional network security solutions. They often make multiple attempts even for more than a year to breach sensitive data.

Here are some terrifying stats of worst data breaches by Statista. These threats can smear the reputation of any organization gained through years of struggle. You should take steps to protect your organization from being the next target.

It is important to know about what, when, where, how and whos of any suspicious activity to eliminate the possible threats. This is where the threat intelligence comes into the scene.

Having a threat-intelligence based security solution can help your organization to effectively battle against these dynamically changing threats. And while looking for such competent solution, I just happened to come across the Threat Intelligence Platform.

Threat Intelligence Platform provides you an easy to use threat intelligence tools and APIs. It helps you to get comprehensive details about targeted hosts and the complete infrastructure behind them. All this within very cost-effective pricing and promising results.

I am feeling super satisfied with my decision to go for Threat Intelligence Platform. So I am quite excited to share what’s inside this incredible piece of software and why it’s one of the best choices for you.

Let’s get started!

πŸ’« Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat Intelligence PlatformΒ gives you complete threat detection toolkit with pretty straight pricing. It provides you with intensive details of the targeted host and its infrastructure.

For this, Threat Intelligence Platform performs real-time configuration analysis of host, collects information from different providers, and uses its rich databases compiled for over 10 years.

Header Ti

Threat Intelligence Platform is led by a talented mind and an inspiring leader, Jonathan Zhang. His team has been striving for over 8 years to provide reliable marketing research, security, and other solutions.

Their products are trusted by over 50,000 customers including Amazon, IBM, eBay, Apple Inc. and many more. I myself believe in the quality of their products after using them for a while.

Now, switching back to the Threat Intelligence Platform which provides you with an essential toolkit for threat detection. It includes a Threat Intelligence Analysis and Threat Intelligence APIs. Let’s have a deep look at these tools.

🐾 Threat Intelligence Analysis

It is a web-based tool which you can use to analyze any site simply by entering its domain name.

Threatintelligenceplatform Analysis

For each domain, it performs the following checks.

Threatintelligenceplatform Anaysisresult

πŸ” IP Resolutions

Inspects IP addresses of the targeted host’s domain along with their geographical distribution. This helps you to know the complete infrastructure behind the host. It includes detailed sections for main infrastructure servers, other domains on the same IP and connected domains.

πŸ“ˆ Website Analysis

Analyzes the content of a website with respect to other domains as well as configuration issues of the host. Following sections are covered in it: Pages parsed, Components, Potentially dangerous content, Host configuration issues, Open ports and services.

πŸ“ƒ SSL Certificate

Analyze domain’s SSL (HTTPS) certificates and test host’s SSL connection and configuration. Detailed Information is provided regarding Certificate chains, Issued to, Issued by, Certificate details, Certificate validity, and SSL vulnerabilities.

😈 Malware Detection

It performs a malware detection check using malware databases/data feeds collected from all across the internet. If there is any malware-infected or dangerous site then it provides all the available details and reasons.

Threatintelligenceplatform Tamalware

πŸ“° WHOIS Record

It fetches and displays the WHOIS record of a domain name. It provides the following detailed sections: General information, Domain owner, Administrative Contact, Technical contact, Domain status, and Domain Check.

πŸ“ͺ Mail Servers

For any given domain it checks the configuration of DNS MX records and affiliated mail servers.

πŸ’¬ Name Servers

Checks configuration of name servers, output details, and possible configuration issues. It gives you information about NS records, SOA record, Configuration check, Name servers respond and so on.

⚑ Threat Intelligence API

Threat Intelligence Platform provides you with a number of intelligent APIs. Let’s quickly go through them.

πŸ”§ Domain’s Infrastructure Analysis

Using this API you can get a detailed information of any domain and the complete infrastructure behind it. Such as connected subdomains/networks along with their details, name servers, mail servers, geographical location and much more.

πŸ” SSL Certificates Chain API

Using this API you can analyze any domain to get specifications of its SSL Certificate along with SSL Certificates Chain. You can easily integrate the resultant output data with your system as it is in unified JSON format and widely supported.


πŸ“Š SSL Configuration Analysis API

This API investigates a specific domain for various SSL configuration issues which can leave your site vulnerable to dangerous attacks. Therefore to protect your site it establishes an SSL connection to its host for evaluating its configuration to figure out possible configuration issues.

πŸ”Ž Domain Malware Check API

More and more sites are getting down due to malware infection. Therefore, Threat Intelligence API has a dedicated API for protecting your site from malware-infected hosts. It assigns the targeted site a safety score 0 being safe and 100 being malware infected.

Besides this, it gives detailed warnings (if any) to help you know about potential attacks.

πŸ”— Connected Domains API

Using this API you obtain a list of domains associated with a single IP address. It helps you to analyze the complete infrastructure of connected domains. As sometimes it’s not the domain itself but the subdomain which is infected.

πŸ”° Domain Reputation Securing API

This API assigns a reputation score to the domain after analyzing it carefully using over 120 parameters and advanced algorithms. This score is in between 0 to 100 with 0 indicating the most dangerous hosts and 100 is for fully secure domains. It can help you to be aware of potentially dangerous sites to avoid any mishap or losses.

πŸ’° Pricing

Threat Intelligence Platform offers very clear pricing. You can get its fully functional free trial. So you can give it a try right now without paying a single penny.

Besides this, it offers a variety of one-time, monthly and yearly subscriptions. Once you have purchased a subscription, you directly get access to all components of the Threat Intelligence Platform.


With each subscription, you get a different number of credits. The requests you make are then charged in credits depending on the tool.

πŸ“š Documentation and Support

Threat Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive documentation for both Threat Analysis and Threat Intelligent API. It is so well curated and covers all the aspects of each product included in Threat Intelligence Platform.

So you really don’t need to have any expertise to start using it right away. Besides this, its active support team is also there to help you out in case of any query or issues.

For getting support, you can fill out the contact us form available on the official site of the product. Or send your queries to [email protected]. You are going to get a response within 24 hours.

πŸ’― Wrap Up

Threat Intelligence Platform is one the most comprehensive threat detection toolkit. It includes a Threat Intelligence Analysis and Threat Intelligence APIs. These tools cover a wide variety of intelligent services and APIs. All of them are easy to use and helps you to protect your site from malicious attacks.

Let’s just quickly take a glance at awesome stuff packed within Threat Intelligence Platform.

  • 🌟 Threat Intelligence Analysis
  • ⚑ Threat Intelligence API
    • Domain’s Infrastructure Analysis
    • SSL Certificates Chain API
    • SSL Configuration Analysis API
    • Domain Malware Check API
    • Connected Domains API
    • Domain Reputation Securing API & counting more

And all this within very transparent pricing. Its recently revamped site, extensive documentation, and active support adds more value to the product. Besides this, it shows the seriousness and dedication of the team about the product. We can surely expect to see it growing load more in the future.




A Premium Development Newsletter by TheDevCouple! What is TheDevTakeaway?

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