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Our decisions are greatly influenced by reviews. For example, imagine yourself making some hefty purchase. But before you spend a reasonable amount, you’d want what people think about it who have already bought it. Because you would not want your money to go to waste.

As a developer, I think implementing the review solution in a right manner is a critical aspect of product design. A review solution can inappropriately ruin its purpose. That’s why due significance should be given while integrating or designing a review section of any product. 🎯

In WordPress paradigm, you’ll find tons of plugins to implement the reviews feature. But choosing an appropriate plugin is the key decision. From my experience, I would say there are a few things which you must consider. Top of all is the rich snippet support — because ranking in SERP is the ultimate goal. Apart from that, it should be robust, extensible, support other platforms, and come with a secure & clean code.

Now, after trying a list of plugins, I settled up with this plugin called WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop. It comes with almost every feature you can desire for. That’s why I ended up using it for multiple projects, and I am super satisfied with the results.

Today, I finally decided to write about my experience and share this awesome plugin with you all. I will be diving into the features which I loved the most and how they’d been beneficial in my everyday workflow. It’s hard to cover every aspect of this incredible plugin, but I will try to cover the significant ones. So, let’s jump into it.

Wp Review Pro Main Image

🦄 WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop

WP Review Pro is a high-end premium WordPress plugin developed by MyThemeShop to help you do the reviews in the right away. MyThemeShop is a big name in the field of themes and plugins development. They currently serve 410,000+ happy customers around the globe.

I like their well coded, secure, and performant themes. That’s why whenever I try something by MyThemeShop there’s this feeling of worthiness and some expectations combined. But I must say, they have never disappointed me. At WPCouple, we also reviewed their fastest SEO theme called Schema — so, don’t miss out on this piece.


Being one of the products by MyThemeShop, the WP Review Pro inherits the quality features like premium support, robustness, clean & secure code, and great documentation. Apart from that, it rocks features like rich-snippets support, integration with WooCommerce, Yelp, Facebook, and Google Places, multiple rating systems, pop-ups & notifications, and mobile friendliness. All these features add up to make it one of the leading review solution.

The best thing is, despite all this huge list of features, it manages to be super fast and win their customer’s heart. Don’t take my words for it, go ahead and check out the product page of the WP Review Pro. It currently cherishes 4.8 ratings with 233 reviews — Which is quite a great number.

🤑 Pricing

As mentioned earlier, WP Review Pro is a premium WordPress theme by MyThemeShop. It comes at a one-time price of $77. But they are offering a hot sale offer. Right now if you purchase this plugin, you get it in $67. Isn’t it tempting? So, you shouldn’t be waiting now.

You can instantly download the plugin after payment. Also, there’s 30-days money back guarantee after your purchase.

There’s also a free version of WP Review Pro available with limited features. It’s called WP Review and rocks 80,000+ downloads — quite impressive! You can grab it from its WordPress plugins repository page and also from their official website.

Wpreviewpro Pricing

🍭 Features of WP Review Pro Plugin

WP Review Pro is jam-packed with a variety of features to make the review solution a best one. I will be covering the key features as it will take me at least a whole day to cover all of them. Let’s dive in!

✊ Rich Snippets Support

You might have noticed ratings and pictures appearing in the Google search results. And unconsciously you will prefer to visit them. Just because they had more information appearing right in the search result. They’re called rich snippets, and they can be quite useful.

There are different kinds of rich snippets, and you can use them effectively to show more information in the search results. For example, you can show the author name of a book, price for a product, and an image for a food recipe.

This way you can drive more traffic to your site and rank better. Check out this detailed post on how rich snippets can result in 20-30% rise in CTR by Search Engine Journal for more insights.

WP Review Pro supports in total 14 types of rich snippets. So you can generate rich snippets for every type of posts like movies, articles, food, TV Shows, and what not. For example, a sample rich snippet might look like below.

Rich Snippets

You can further check what you can achieve via this feature by going through the rich snippets demo page by MyThemeShop. It covers samples for almost all the post types. Which is quite helpful to get an idea.

🎨 Predefined Design Templates

WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop comes with 16 predefined design templates. If any of these matches with your current theme then you can start using it right away. It will save tons of time. Even if it doesn’t, you can always go to the settings page of the plugin to quickly modify the colors.

Check out the GIF below to get an idea of the different designs available. They’re just a way of showing the ratings and review in various styles. You can always modify these sections according to your need while adding the review.

WP Review Pro — A Powerful Plugin With Rich Snippets, Comparison Table & Everything in Between 1 WP Review Pro Extensive Reviews

🛠 Integration With Other Platforms

Nowadays, may social media platforms have become dominant. That’s why they play a major role in marketing, outreach, and getting feedback from people. And people love to talk about and leave reviews at places like Facebook, Yelp, and Google places. So you can’t ignore them anymore.

A great thing about WP Review Pro is that it lets you integrate reviews from different platforms right in your WordPress post. This way you can have all of your reviews right in one place. So, a user coming to your post can get a good picture of the product or whatever you’re trying to sell. 🤞

On the top of this, integrating the reviews from different platforms is super easy with WP Review Pro. It adds a drop-down in the WordPress editor with a star ( 🌟) icon. Click the drop-down, select the platform, add credentials and it’s right there. Like for Facebook reviews, it asks for the page ID and the no of reviews you want to show. That’s it.

Wp Review Pro Integration Options

🤖 Comment Reviews

Another interesting feature of WP Review Pro is Comment Reviews. It allows you to show your readers’ opinion. Users can rate the product, mark someone’s review as helpful and leave a review about the product as well.

I believe it can be quite helpful to get the user’s feedback on a product, event, or anything. You can then use the user’s reviews to improve for the next time. Again, the best part is, adding comment reviews is pretty simple. Scroll down in your editor and select Comment Rating Only in the User Reviews setting.

Comment Ratings In Wp Review Pro

💹 Comparison Table

If you’re into writing tons of reviews, love to compare products, or anything else then this feature is for you. What it does is, it takes the post IDs of the reviews you have written before and automatically generates a comparison table out of it. It saved time and done the job for you.

This feature has been super helpful for us since you can find extensive reviews at WPCouple and quite often we need to compare similar products, and this plugin is there to help.

To add a comparison table, all you need to do is first to make sure that you’ve all the reviews present which you want to compare. Then go to drop-down with the star ( 🌟 ) icon in front of it in your editor and select Comparison table. It will ask you for review IDs and generate the comparison table.

Comparison Table Wp Review Pro

🚩 Pop-up & Notifications Bar

With WP Review Pro, you can also add a pop-up and a notification bar. You can either add them globally or individually in your posts. For each post, you can also override the global settings. The global settings lie in the WordPress dashboard.

Global Settings For Popup And Notifications

While for each post, scroll down in the editor section to find out the tabs for pop-up and notification bar. In each of them, you have tons of options and editor to style & add content. So, you can shape the look and feel of your notifications and pop-ups as well.

Popup And Notification Bar In Wpreview Pro

Both of them come quite in handy in various scenarios. For example, you can use a notification bar to make an announcement. Or use a popup to advertise a certain product with images and everything. The best thing is, you can also integrate your reviews into them.

🤝 Developers Friendly

Being a developer an exciting feature of a WordPress product for me is to see how easily it can be extended.  And in case of the WP Review Pro plugin, it is quite developer friendly. There’s a list of useful filters which you can use to extend the plugin easily.

The complete filters list is available at MyThemeShop with proper documentation and inline comments. Which is super cool. Grab the code, follow the documentation, and you’re good to go.

WP Review Pro — A Powerful Plugin With Rich Snippets, Comparison Table & Everything in Between 2 WP Review Pro Extensive Reviews

👊 Compatibility

WP Review Pro works perfectly fine with any theme of your choice. It is built based on WordPress standards which makes it compatible with all the themes. All you need to do is to install the plugin and start to review the products of your choice. Which is quite helpful when you are working with multiple clients and have to integrate a review system. It saves your back!

🚥 Custom Styling

Custom styling is one of the features which I like the most. WP Review Pro allows you to completely customize your review box to seamlessly integrate with the current theme. So, it adds functionality to your website without affecting the look and feel of it.

You can style the review box by accessing the settings from the WordPress dashboard. You can change the colors, select icon for the ratings, set box width, enable/disable Google fonts, and even choose from different available templates.

WP Review Pro — A Powerful Plugin With Rich Snippets, Comparison Table & Everything in Between 3 WP Review Pro Extensive Reviews

📖 Documentation

A well-documented product saves tons of time and shows the concern of the developer for the user. Since WP Review Pro comes from MyThemeShop, you can expect great documentation. So, if you visit the documentation of WP Review Pro, you’ll get way more information than you might have expected.

The documentation page contains detailed information about every feature. Also, it contains demos for almost all the features and some useful links for help as well. If you’re getting started with WP Review Pro, it would be helpful for you.

WP Review Pro — A Powerful Plugin With Rich Snippets, Comparison Table & Everything in Between 4 WP Review Pro Extensive Reviews

⚙️ Getting Started With WP Review Pro

Getting started with WP Review Pro is super easy. Once you’ve purchased your copy of the plugin, install it like a regular WordPress plugin, and you’re good to review your first product. Follow the quick steps below to see how it works.

→ Step #1

The very first step is to head to the WP Review Pro Product Page and grab your copy of WP Review Pro. If you want to try the free version, you can download it from its WordPress plugins repository. Anyhow, once you’ve downloaded the plugin, proceed to the next step.

→ Step #2

After downloading the plugin, head towards Plugins > Add New in your WordPress Dashboard. Select the .zip file and hit the Install button. It will take a few moments before it gets ready.

Wp Review Installation

→ Step #3

Once the installation is finished, you’re ready to review your first product. Create a new post with all the content and scroll down in the editor section to find all the review information. Add features, rate them, add a review, and hit publish.

WP Review Pro — A Powerful Plugin With Rich Snippets, Comparison Table & Everything in Between 5 WP Review Pro Extensive Reviews

Booyeah! Just three steps and you’re good to go! You can play around with the global settings in the dashboard, or an individual post to show ratings according to your needs.

🙌 Wrap Up

If you’re running a site where you review products and don’t utilize the power of reviews, you’re missing out big time. Reviews, if rightly done, can have a huge impact on the SERP rankings. Ultimately it can bring more traffic and result in more revenue.

With tons of features, ease of use, speed, documentation and premium support, WP Review Pro makes its way to the league of leading review plugins. So, if you’re serious about the reviews and want to make a big deal out of it, you should definitely give WP Review Pro a shot. It worths every single penny.

Have you ever used a review solution for your products? Or ever tried out WP Review Pro? Let me know your experience and thoughts in the comments below.

Peace! ✌️



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