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Today we’re interviewing Ebad Ali, Head of Projects and Production Engineering at Kia Lucky Motors Pakistan. One of the very people behind the unimaginable success of Kia in Pakistan. It’s through a vision from folks like him β€” we have been able to see a significant improvement in the experience of buying and maintaining excellent crossover, i.e., Kia Sportage β€” and more.

Q: Please introduce yourself, a couple of sentences on you, and your work history?

Ebad Ali

Ebad Ali: An Engineer by trade, an Automotive professional by passion, and an Entrepreneur by vision.

Having a decade of experience with Global Automotive Giants such as Toyota, KIA, and now Stellantis, I wish to revolutionize Pakistan’s automotive landscape and eventually positively impact the future of Global Mobility.

Q: How did Kia dethrone Honda Atlas from the third best-selling car after 25 years?

It is not an episode from the Game of Thrones, though it could very well be. KIA’s success in Pakistan can be attributed to a wide variety of reasons. Our entry to the market with the fantastic KIA Sportage was indeed a significant reason. The Sportage is KIA’s best-selling global model, and it offers a unique balance of performance, comfort, luxury, and value for the customer.

The crossover segment is now one of the largest global auto-segments, and in Pakistan, this segment was primarily untapped apart from a few imported units. We disrupted the industry by launching this fantastic product. More than a product, we sold a dream to the consumer who wanted to elevate from the sedan for the longest time but could not due to the massive jump to the SUV segment.

In addition, what is also really important is to have a high-quality product which is both durable and reliable. We invested heavily and made the best automotive plant in Pakistan. It’s located in Karachi, where we employ leading manufacturing technologies to replicate the global quality KPIs to ensure that our customers receive the same quality of care as any other region in the world.

We were the first OEM to offer four years 100,000km warranty as standard to our customers. Moreover, we have a wide and vast network of over 34 Dealers spread across the country, giving our customers a sense of comfort knowing that we are always there to support them. These are some of the key ingredients that have driven the success. Most of all, our success is through the blessings of the Almighty.

Q: How does Kia plan to set itself apart from Honda and Toyota in Pakistan?

We aim to be the most LOVED automotive company in Pakistan. The only way to achieve that by being close to the heart of consumers. To do that, we will have the most fantastic product line-up with world-class specifications. We will not compromise on quality, have the best in class safety features. For example, we were the first auto company to have ABS brakes and Airbags standard across all models. It’s a unique after-sales experience, and most of all, we want to grow and evolve with our beloved customers and our country.

Q: What is the future of Kia in Pakistan?

KIA is here to stay in Pakistan; it’s a brand that has grown phenomenally worldwide over the last decade. This is due to its exciting and contemporary design language, an array of lifestyle features, value for money, robust product portfolio, and most of all, the Quality / Durability and Reliability it offers.

We have the fastest growing and the most significant number of dealerships of any new auto company in Pakistan. In addition, we have the best automotive plant the employs the best global technologies and resources. Furthermore, we have an array of many new and exciting products that will be launched soon.

Q: Your Company recently Changed its name from KIA Lucky Motors to Lucky Motor Corporation; why was this?

When we originally built our company, we were solely representing KIA in Pakistan. Since then, however, we have made tremendous progress. Recently our company has signed an Agreement with the Stellantis group, which is formed after the recent merger of PSA Groupe from France and FCA group from Italy/America.

Stellantis now represents one of the largest automotive companies in the world, comprising of 16 brands such as Peugeot, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat, Maserati, Chrysler, Citroen, Alfa Romeo, and many other global brands. This indeed is a momentous milestone for our company, which will be the first multi-brand OEM in Pakistan and the general automotive landscape of Pakistan.

Thank you, Ebad, for sharing all these insights with us and our audience. Feel free to connect with Ebad on LinkedIn. Let us know if you’d like to know more β€” and the names of more excellent engineers working behind the scenes to single-handedly change the local automotive industry.

Ebad Kia Lucky Motors

Ebad is standing beside the KIA Stinger at Pakistan Auto Show.



A Premium Development Newsletter by TheDevCouple! What is TheDevTakeaway?

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  • An excellent interview. Great work, Ebad.

  • That’s an amazing write up. In your view whats the best option 4wd or AWD? Please share your insights about this as well.

  • After being a Honda customer for almost 5 years I decided to make the switch to Toyota Grande. But after learning about the price difference and feature set between KIA and Grande I was totally sold. Gave up the idea of Grande and decided to go with KIA Sportage. Yes, KIA is here to stay for sure.

  • I have experienced Kia vehicles (Sorento and Sportage) and one thing that stands out is the built quality. It is much better than existing automakers. Kudos to Ebad and team.

  • Hi Ebad, as an owner of sportage I can confirm that the customer service is really good. I have had good dealings specially with Kia defence Lahore. One thing to improve should be the parts prices which I hope you are working on.

  • Thanks Ebad. Any specific news you can share about the upcoming Peugeot 2008? I am waiting for it πŸ˜„

  • I have great experience with Kia. Even though I got a couple issues during my 10000kms but all of them were fixed in warranty. Next step should be decreasing the time of delivery.

  • Awesome. Although I am not a customer of Kia PK, but as a business student, it fascinates me to see how they have captured the market in two years. They gave real competition to the “Big 3”. Great efforts, Ebad. Keep it up.

  • No doubt great work by Kia. But please reduce time of delivery. I am sure you are working on it.

  • Gracias! πŸ™Œ We kept picanto for 5 months and my father loves it. Now going to book Sportage soon. Much better build quality compared to local toyotas and hondas.

  • Shifted from Civic to AWD – couldn’t have been better in the amount spent

  • “We have an array of many new and exciting products that will be launched soon”
    Can we get some hints? 🀩

  • Very interesting to read about Ebad. I read that you worked with Toyota Indus before, how would you compare your time in these two companies?

  • Good work Ebad bhai. Completely satisfied with my Sportage. However, Kia must keep up this customer relations attitude because the competition is increasing on daily basis. I would suggest making a portal for complaints. I have been seeing some complaints lately.

  • Hi Ebad. I wanted to ask you about local production of Kia assembly. As head engineer, what is your prediction? When will you start producing parts locally?

  • Had to spend a year in Pakistan. Bought Sportage. I’ve been so happy with it. When I go back to the US next month, I’m buying the same car there. Kia’s done an incredible job here.

    Great content, Ahmad.

  • Great work Ebad. Wish you all the best and success. Keep up the hard work! FK

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