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So far, 2016 has been a hip-hop year for WordPress because our community has several reasons to rejuvenate and rejoice. A few days ago, WooCommerce completed its first year after being acquired by Automattic, WordPress turned thirteen so, it is a teenager now, and once again we’re here to celebrate another great cause. But this time, it’s a double treat. The big news is:

Advanced WordPress

The AWP (Advanced WordPress) Facebook group is now 20,000 members strong. Yay!

Twenty thousand members in AWP group depict the generous involvement and impressive growth of advanced WordPress developers community. AWP started back in 2011, with a small team and now we are a group of 31 admins in total, and I (Ahmad Awais) have the privilege of being one of them.

AWP is probably the biggest and most incredible WordPress Facebook group for developers. To celebrate this milestone, we have put together a huge giveaway worth more than $40,000 $80,000 $95,000 $140,000+ with the help of generous WordPress businesses.

This giveaway is a full-fledged WordPress treasure box which includes more than 300 products and services. The winners will get access to these amazing products for free.

Giveaway Contributors

Here is the list of all the amazing people and companies who have generously participated in this contest by giving away a large number of products for free. Without their contribution, this giveaway would not have been possible.

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin Giveaway: 10 one-year licenses of Yoast SEO Premium plugin worth $690.


MyThemeShop Premium Themes & Plugins Giveaway: 3 licenses of premium themes and plugins plus one license of extended membership worth $673.

WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket Plugin Giveaway: 3 personal licenses worth $117.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes Giveaway: 4 lifetime accounts of Elegant themes and plugin worth $996.

MediaTemple Hosting

MediaTemple Hosting Packages Giveaway: 1 year of free WP Hosting Studio, 1 month free of CTAO Essential priority/premium support worth $919.

GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy Hosting Package Giveaway: 3 individual 12 month credits worth $144.

Page Builder Sandwich

Page Builder Sandwich Giveaway: 7 premium licenses worth $650.

Beaver Builder

BeaverBuilder License Giveaway: 2 licenses worth $398.

productpress wordpress theme

ProductPress WordPress Theme Giveaway: 5 licenses of ProductPress worth $250 and two complete online store set ups worth $7,000 with one hour of one on one consultancy sessions worth $3,000. Total worth $10,250.

ProfilePress WordPress

ProfilePress Account Manager Giveaway: 2 licenses worth $198.

LearnPress plugin

LearnPress Plugin Giveaway: 2 premium add-ons worth $600.

king composer plugin

KingComposer – Page Builder Drag Drop plugin Giveaway: 10 premium licenses worth $990.

real places wordpress theme

Real Places by Inspiry Themes Giveaway: 5 standard theme licenses worth $295.

medicalpress theme

MedicalPress by Inspiry Themes Giveaway: 5 standard theme licenses worth $295.

cloudways web hosting

Cloudways Web Hosting Giveaway: 3 licenses of 1GB managed WP hosting for 6 months worth $270.

SiteGround hosting

SiteGround Web Hosting Giveaway: 3 licenses of GoGeek for 12 months worth $540.

give wordpress plugin

Give WordPress plugin Giveaway: 1 license for the Pro Bundle, 1 for the Plus Bundle, and 3 for the Basic Bundle worth $1035.

caldera forms

Caldera Forms Giveaway: Caldera Forms 2 Unlimited Bundles.

desktop server

Desktop Server by ServerPress Giveaway: 1-year membership worth $100.

freemius insights

Freemius Giveaway: Single license of Freemius Insights for 10 months  worth $300.

wp rich snippets

WP Rich Snippets Plugin Giveaway: 10 licenses worth $1190.

WP All Export

WP All Export Giveaway: 5 licenses worth $495.

fame themes wordpress

Fame Themes Giveaway: 10 licenses of OnePress Plus WordPress theme worth $490.

indigo theme

Indigo WordPress Theme Giveaway: 5 licenses of premium themes worth $295.

wp flat social plugin

WP Flat Social Profile Blocks plugin Giveaway: 3 licenses worth $45.

google maps widget

Google Maps Widget PRO Giveaway: 3 licenses worth $117.

post connector wordpress

Post Connector Giveaway: 1 personal licenses worth $49.

notifybot wordpress

NotifyBot Giveaway: 5 licenses worth $125. Web Hosting Giveaway: Single 1 year free managed WP hosting DIY Plan worth $468.

hji technologies

Web Hosting by HJI Technologies Giveaway: Single 6 months licenses of Core Hosting account and Nexus Hosting Account worth $125.

easy content types plugin

Easy Content Types WordPress plugin Giveaway: 3 licenses of worth $117. plugin WordPress Plugin Giveaway: 3 licenses of worth $177.


CozmosLabs Products Giveaway: Single licenses for Profile Builder Pro, WordPress Creation Kit Pro and Paid Member Subscription Bundle worth $427.

wedevs wordpress

WeDevs Premium Plugins Giveaway: 2 licenses each of WP Project Manager Pro and WP Front-end Pro worth $216.


Professional WordPress Themes Giveaway: 1 Standard License of any self-hosted theme worth $175.

acme themes

Acme Themes Giveaway Giveaway: 2 licenses each of SuperMagPro, AcmeBlogPro, Corporate Plus Pro and Infinite Photography Pro themes worth $392.

wp developer

WP Developer Plugins Giveaway: 3 licenses each of Facebook Secret Meta Pro and Twitter Cards Meta worth $104.

Meta Box Core Extensions Bundle Giveaway: 3 licenses of extensions bundle worth $297.

young tech leads

WordPress Plugins By Young Tech Leads Giveaway: 5 licenses each of WordPress Change Table Prefix and WordPress Database Cleaner worth $145.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 1 WordPress Giveaway Community

Elementary WordPress Plugin Giveaway: 5 licenses worth $145.

plesk wordpress

Web Hosting by Plesk Giveaway: 50 licenses for 6 months of Plesk for Web Pro Edition including WordPress Toolkit worth $250.

press wizards

Press Wizards Web Hosting Giveaway: 1 year of free WordPress performance hosting worth $168. Giveaway: 3 one-year subscriptions worth $600.

wp inline

WP:inline Giveaway: 3 premium licenses of wp:inline worth $900.

creating plugins

Creating Plugins to Extend WordPress Giveaway: One single video training course worth $80.

theme design

WordPress Responsive Theme Design Giveaway: 1 digital copy of WordPress Responsive Theme Design book worth $28.

store apps

Products on Store Apps Giveaway: 15 licenses of different premium plugins worth $1000.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 2 WordPress Giveaway Community

Products on Icegram Giveaway: 15 licenses of different premium plugins worth $1000.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 3 WordPress Giveaway Community

WP Satchel Giveaway: 10-lifetime licenses of Maera, Maera Material Design, Maera Bootstrap, Maera Restaurant worth $3990.


Kanban WP

Kanban for WordPress Giveaway: 2 bundles of all ad-ons forever worth $300.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 4 WordPress Giveaway Community

Smart Slider 3 Pro Giveaway: 2 Lifetime licenses of Smart Slider 3 worth $200.


GoWP Giveaway Giveaway: Single Winner of White Label WordPress Support for Agencies for three months worth $900.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 5 WordPress Giveaway Community

WordPress Theme Club Membership Giveaway: 2 Business Memberships by ThemeExpert worth $158.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 6 WordPress Giveaway Community

WP Square Giveaway: 5 hours of free support for single winner worth $150.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 7 WordPress Giveaway Community

DesignWall Package Giveaway: 1-year membership of DesignWall Developer Package worth $99.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 8 WordPress Giveaway Community

HypeStudio Giveaway: 1 unlimited license of HYPESocial-Buffer PRO worth $199.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 9 WordPress Giveaway Community

The Events Calendar Giveaway: 1 personal license of Importer Bundle worth $199.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 10 WordPress Giveaway Community

Tickera Giveaway: 1 lifetime license for Tickera WordPress event ticketing system worth $349.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 11 WordPress Giveaway Community

OpenTute+ Giveaway: Single license of BuddyPress Social Login and BuddyPress Question Answer worth $58.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 12 WordPress Giveaway Community

Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin Giveaway: 15 licenses of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress worth $225.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 13 WordPress Giveaway Community

Related Posts for WordPress Giveaway: 1 plugin license worth $39.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 14 WordPress Giveaway Community

Download Monitor Plugin Giveaway: Any single premium extension worth $39.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 15 WordPress Giveaway Community

Pick Plugins Giveaway: 25 licenses of premium extensions worth $125.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 16 WordPress Giveaway Community

Social Pug Plugin by DevPups Giveaway: 2 licenses of Social Pug plugin worth $78.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 17 WordPress Giveaway Community

tinyIP Plugin by Arunas Giveaway: 3 licenses of tinyIP WordPress plugin worth $36.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 18 WordPress Giveaway Community

Pressjitsu Managed WordPress Hosting Giveaway: 1 license of Pressjitsu Managed WordPress Hosting Solo Plan worth $40.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 19 WordPress Giveaway Community

WordPress Developer Bundle by JoomUnited Giveaway: 3 licenses of WordPress developer bundle.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 20 WordPress Giveaway Community

Plan Your Website Giveaway: 1 eBook Plan your Website worth $8.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 21 WordPress Giveaway Community

Forge – Front-end page Builder  Giveaway: 5 licenses of premium extensions.



SiteLock Subscriptions Giveaway: 3 Free One Year Subscriptions to SiteLock worth $1411.

AWP 20K Members — Legendary WordPress Giveaway (Worth $140,000+) 22 WordPress Giveaway Community

Hammer – Construction WordPress Theme Giveaway: 10 standard theme licenses of Hammer worth $590.

Foo Plugins

Foo Plugins  Giveaway: 3 licenses of FooBox and FooVideo Plugin worth $174.


Analytify Giveaway: 3 personal licenses of the Plugin worth $87.


CSSIgniter Giveaway: 2 lifetime licenses of the Premium WordPress Themes worth $500.


Jetpack Pro Giveaway: 100 one year licenses for Jetpack Pro worth $29,900.


Orange WP Themes Giveaway: 4 lifetime membership accounts of the Premium WordPress Themes worth $1000.



PowerPack for Beaver Builder Giveaway: 10 licenses worth $500.


ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature Giveaway: 6 Pro Licenses + 2 Business Licenses worth $1500.


AlienWP Themes Giveaway: 1 lifetime license worth $150.


ThemeFurnace Themes Giveaway: 1 lifetime license worth $150.


JavaScript for WordPress Course Giveaway: 5 memberships worth $2000.


X Theme Giveaway: 3 lifetime X Theme licenses worth $2oo.


Project Management Solution Giveaway: 5 Team accounts for 12 months worth $72oo.


CodeTheme Giveaway: 3 Memberships and 5 RoboJob theme licenses worth $70o.


Jewel Themes Giveaway: 3 Polmo Pro Themes worth $68.


Duplicator Pro Giveaway: 10 plugin licenses worth $5oo.


Opt-In Panda & Social Locker Giveaway: 4 plugin licenses worth $1oo.


iThemes Sync Pro Giveaway: iThemes Sync Pro account 10 sites/yr  worth $13o.



Pressmatic Giveaway: 3 Mac App Licenses worth $400.


Amazon Affiliate for WordPress Giveaway: 3 Developer Licenses worth $665.


LifterLMS Pro With Extensions Membership Giveaway: 5 lifetime licenses worth $1,300.


KnowAll – Knowledge Base Theme Giveaway: 3 licenses worth $300.


Timeline Express Giveaway: 2 licenses worth $80.


Custom Post Type UI Extended Giveaway: 5 licenses worth $100.

UpdraftPlus Premium

UpdraftPlus Premium Giveaway: 10 licenses worth $700.


ThemeFuse Giveaway: 5 one year Club memberships worth $975.

What’s in it for you?

Below you can find the details of products which you can win by participating in this giveaway.

Package 1

  1. 1 Lifetime membership of ElegantThemes (All premium themes and plugins with support for lifetime)
  2. 1 Standard License of  MyThemeShop Premium Themes (any premium theme)
  3. 1 Standard License of ProductPress WordPress Theme
  4. 1 Year of Free WP Hosting Studio Plan by MediaTemple
  5. 1 Single Site FooVideo Plugin License
  6. 1 Pro Unlimited License of Google Maps Widget PRO
  7. 1 Unlimited Bundle of Caldera Forms
  8. 1 Addon Plugin on IceGram
  9. 1 Standalone License of WP All Export Plugin
  10. 1 Year License of Yoast SEO Premium Plugin
  11. 1 Digital Copy of “Plan Your Website” Book
  12. 1 Polmo Pro Theme
  13. 1 License of ProfilePress
  14. 1 Personal Analytify License
  15. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year
  16. 1 License UpdraftPlus Premium
  17. 1 Plus Bundle of Give WordPress Plugin
  18. 1 Free One Year Subscriptions to SiteLock
  19. 1 License of MyThemeShop Premium Plugins
  20. 1 lifetime membership account of the Orange Themes
  21. 1 Standard Theme License of Hammer Construction WP theme
  22. 1 LifterLMS Pro Lifetime License with premium extensions
  23. 1 Lifetime License of Maera, Maera Material Design, Maera Bootstrap, Maera Restaurant
  24. 1 License of PowerPack for Beaver Builder
  25.  1 ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature License (Business)
  26. The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course Membership
  27. 1 X Theme Lifetime License
  28. 1 Year Premium License of Page Builder Sandwich
  29. 1 Duplicator Pro plugin license
  30. 1 Pressmatic License
  31. 1 License of Custom Post Type UI Extended
  32. 1 year of Club membership with ThemeFuse

Package 2

  1. 1 Standard License of ProductPress EDD WordPress Theme
  2. 1 Lifetime membership of ElegantThemes (All premium themes and plugins with support for lifetime)
  3. 1 Standard License of Real Places WordPress Real Estate Theme
  4. 1 Year of Free DIY Hosting by
  5. 1 Single Site Plugin License
  6. 1 Single Site Facebook Secret Meta Pro Plugin License
  7. 1 Professional License of WP Rich Snippets
  8. 1 Single Site WordPress Change Table Prefix Plugin License
  9. 1 Year License of Yoast SEO Premium Plugin
  10. 1 Year Premium License of Page Builder Sandwich
  11. 1 Copy of WordPress Responsive Theme Design Book
  12. 1 Basic Bundle of Give WordPress Plugin
  13. 1 Business Membership of WordPress ThemeExpert Theme Club
  14. 1 License of MyThemeShop Premium Plugin
  15. 1 Free One Year Subscriptions to SiteLock
  16. 1 Lifetime License of Maera, Maera Material Design, Maera Bootstrap, Maera Restaurant
  17. 1 Standard Theme License of Hammer Construction WP theme
  18. 1 LifterLMS Pro Lifetime License with premium extensions
  19. 1 Single Site WP Flat Social Profile Blocks Plugin License
  20. 1 Single Site Twitter Cards Meta – Summary Card with Large Image Addon Plugin License
  21. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress
  22. 1 Single Site WordPress Database Cleaner Plugin License
  23. 1 Business License for ProfilePress
  24. 1 License UpdraftPlus Premium
  25. 1 Free One Year Subscriptions to SiteLock
  26. 1 License of MyThemeShop Premium Plugin
  27. 1 Video Training Course of “Creating Plugins to Extend WordPress”
  28. 1 Personal Analytify License
  29. 1 CSSIgnitor Lifetime License
  30. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  31. 1 Polmo Pro Theme from Jewel Themes
  32. 1 lifetime membership account of the Orange Themes
  33. 1 License of Timeline Express
  34. 1 License of PowerPack for Beaver Builder
  35. 1 ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature License (Pro)
  36. 1 The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course Membership
  37. 1 Duplicator Pro plugin license
  38. 1 Opt-In Panda and Social Locker License
  39. 1 Pressmatic License
  40. 1 License of Custom Post Type UI Extended
  41. 1 year of Club membership with ThemeFuse

Package 3

  1. 1 Lifetime membership of ElegantThemes (All premium themes and plugins with support for lifetime)
  2. 1 MyThemeShop Extended Membership License
  3. 1 GoGeek Plan of SiteGround Hosting
  4. 1 License of ProductPress and Complete Online Store Setup
  5. 1 Professional License of WP Rich Snippets
  6. 1 Single Theme License of Indigo WordPress Theme
  7. 1 License of KnowAll – Knowledge Base Theme
  8. 1 Single Site License of tinyIP Plugin
  9. 1 Unlimited License of HYPESocial-Buffer PRO
  10. 1 License UpdraftPlus Premium
  11. 1 Single Site License of Related Posts for WP Plugin
  12. 1 LifterLMS Pro Lifetime License with premium extensions
  13. 1 License of WordPress Developer Bundle by Joomunited
  14. Forge – Front-end page builder (premium extensions)
  15. 1 Pro Unlimited License of Google Maps Widget PRO
  16. 1 License of all add-ons bundle by Kanban for WordPress
  17. 1 Standalone License of WP All Export Plugin
  18. 1 Single Site License of NotifyBot Plugin
  19. 1 Year Membership of DesignWall Developer Package
  20. 1 Pro License of WP Project Manager & User Frontend
  21. 1 Post Connector Plugin License
  22. 1 Personal Analytify License
  23. 1 CSSIgnitor Lifetime License
  24. 1 Polmo Pro Theme
  25. 1 Standard License of any self-hosted Professional WordPress Themes
  26. 1 lifetime membership account of the Orange Themes
  27. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  28. 1 License of PowerPack for Beaver Builder
  29. 1 ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature License (Business)
  30. ThemeFurnace Lifetime License
  31. 1 The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course Membership
  32. 1 X Theme Lifetime License
  33. 1 CodeTheme Membership
  34. 1 Year Premium License of Page Builder Sandwich
  35. 1 Duplicator Business plugin license
  36. 1 License of Timeline Express
  37. 1 Opt-In Panda and Social Locker License
  38. 1 year of Club membership with ThemeFuse
  39. 1 License of Custom Post Type UI Extended

Package 4

  1. 1 Standard License of OnePress Plus WordPress Theme
  2. 1 License of ProductPress and Complete Online Store Setup
  3. 1 Lifetime Pro License of Smart Slider 3
  4. 1 Year Subscription from
  5. 1 Year License of Tickera
  6. Single license of CozmoLabsProfile, Membership, and WP creation kit
  7. 1 Unlimited Bundle of Caldera Forms
  8. 1 Single Site WP Rocket Plugin License
  9. 1 License of Meta Box – Core Extensions Bundle
  10. 1 Single Site License of KingComposer – Page Builder Drag Drop Plugin
  11. 1 Single Site License of Social Pug Plugin
  12. $100 credit from Store Apps and Icegram
  13. 1 Single Site License of Pick Plugins (any one premium product)
  14. 1 Year License of Yoast SEO Premium Plugin
  15. 1 Pro Bundle of Give WordPress Plugin
  16. 1 Business Membership of WordPress ThemeExpert Theme Club
  17. 2 Premium Add-on Bundle of LearnPress
  18. 1 Lifetime License of Maera, Maera Material Design, Maera Bootstrap, Maera Restaurant
  19. 1 Standard Theme License of Hammer Construction WP theme
  20. 1 Single Site FooBox & Video Plugin License
  21. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year
  22. AlienWP Lifetime License

Package 18

1 License UpdraftPlus Premium

  1. 1 Standard License of Indigo WordPress Theme
  2. 1 License of Premium Pick Plugins
  3. Any $50 Product from Store Apps
  4. 1 Freelancer License of Social Pug Plugin
  5. 1 License of all add-ons bundle by Kanban for WordPress
  6. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year
  7. 1 RoboJob WordPress Theme license
  8. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 19

  1. 1 Standalone License of WP All Export Plugin
  2. 1 License of Premium Pick Plugins
  3. Any $50 Product from Store Apps
  4. 1 License of WordPress Developer Bundle by Joomunited
  5. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year
  6. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 21

  1. 1 Standalone License of WP All Export Plugin
  2. 1 License of Premium Pick Plugins
  3. Any $50 Product from Store Apps
  4. 1 Year Freelancer License of WP:inline
  5. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year
  6. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 22

  1. 1 Standard License of SuperMag Pro Theme
  2. 1 Server License of Plesk for Web Pro Edition including WordPress Toolkit for 6 months
  3. 1 Standalone License of WP All Export Plugin
  4. 1 License of Custom Post Type UI Extended
  5. 1 License UpdraftPlus Premium
  6. 1 License of Premium Pick Plugins
  7. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year
  8. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 23

  1. 1 Standard License of AcmeBlog Pro Theme
  2. 1 Server License of Plesk for Web Pro Edition including WordPress Toolkit for 6 months
  3. Any $50 Add-on from Icegram
  4. 1 License of Custom Post Type UI Extended
  5. 1 License of Premium Pick Plugins
  6. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year
  7. 1 License UpdraftPlus Premium
  8. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 24

  1. 1 Standard License of Corporate Plus Pro Theme
  2. 1 Server License of Plesk for Web Pro Edition including WordPress Toolkit for 6 months
  3. Any $50 Add-on from Icegram
  4. 1 License of Premium Pick Plugins
  5. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  6. 1 Year Premium License of Page Builder Sandwich
  7. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 25

  1. 1 Standard License of Infinite Photography Pro Theme
  2. 1 Server License of Plesk for Web Pro Edition including WordPress Toolkit for 6 months
  3. Any $50 Add-on from Icegram
  4. 1 License of Premium Pick Plugins
  5. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  6. 1 RoboJob WordPress Theme license
  7. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 26

  1. 1 Standard License of SuperMag Pro Theme
  2. 1 Server License of Plesk for Web Pro Edition including WordPress Toolkit for 6 months
  3. Any $50 Add-on from Icegram
  4. 1 License of Premium Pick Plugins
  5. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  6. 1 ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature License (Pro)
  7. 1 CodeTheme Membership
  8. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 27

  1. 1 Lifetime License of Maera, Maera Material Design, Maera Bootstrap, Maera Restaurant
  2. 1 Single Site License of Pick Plugins (any one premium product)
  3. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  4. 1 License of KnowAll – Knowledge Base Theme
  5. 1 ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature License (Pro)
  6. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 28

  1. 1 Lifetime License of Maera, Maera Material Design, Maera Bootstrap, Maera Restaurant
  2. 1 Single Site License of Pick Plugins (any one premium product)
  3. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  4. 1 ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature License (Pro)
  5. 1 License UpdraftPlus Premium
  6. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 29

  1. 1 Lifetime License of Maera, Maera Material Design, Maera Bootstrap, Maera Restaurant
  2. 1 Single Site License of Pick Plugins (any one premium product)
  3. 1 year of free WordPress performance hosting by PressWizards worth $168
  4. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  5. 1 ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature License (Pro)
  6. 1 year of Club membership with ThemeFuse
  7. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Package 30

  1. 1 Lifetime License of Maera, Maera Material Design, Maera Bootstrap, Maera Restaurant
  2. 1 Single Site License of Pick Plugins (any one premium product)
  3. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year.
  4. 1 ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature License (Pro)
  5. 1 Single Site License of Forty Four – 404 Page & Redirection Plugin for WordPress
  6. 1 License UpdraftPlus Premium

Package 31-100 Single Winners

  1. 1 Jetpack Pro License for one year each.

Let’s Get Started, Shall We?

There are no hard and fast rules to enter the contest. All you have to do is that to make sure that you’re a member of Advanced WordPress Group and if you could, you might want to get more involved in the currently active threads.

  • Leave a comment on this post or in AWP group; to answer this question “What does WordPress mean to you?”
  • Follow @advancedwp on Twitter & Tweet about the giveaway
  • Make sure you log in and go through these steps in the following RafleCopter’s widget. It’s how we’ll get your email ID to contact you (in case you win a package).

Giveaway is loading…

Winners Announced

Congrats to all the winners. Winners were chosen by RaffleCopter widget which randomizes the enteries via

  1. Package #1 Donna Cavalier
  2. Package #2 Jordi Cabot
  3. Package #3 Usman Tanvir
  4. Package #4 Alina
  5. Package #5 Devin Walker
  6. Package #6 Ashar Irfan
  7. Package #7 John Read
  8. Package #8 Gerard Godin
  9. Package #9 Bob Dunn
  10. Package #10 Bobbie Wilson
  11. Package #11 Leo Koo
  12. Package #12 Kathy Long
  13. Package #13 Mike Schinkel
  14. Package #14 Barış Ünver
  15. Package #15 Igor Benic
  16. Package #16 Praneeth Rover
  17. Package #17 Uriahs Victor
  18. Package #18 Mário Valney
  19. Package #19 Daniel Bishop
  20. Package #20 Kostas Rodolakis
  21. Package #21 Mustaasam Saleem Ansari
  22. Package #22 Mike Lee
  23. Package #23 Kimberly Brink – Castleberry
  24. Package #24 Yan
  25. Package #25 Sean Burdick
  26. Package #26 Muhammad Tehseen
  27. Package #27 Elliott Rodgers
  28. Package #28 Made Murti
  29. Package #29 John Parkinson
  30. Package #30 Kristin Adair
  31. Package #31 Stratijev Darko
  32. Package #32 Martin Steiner
  33. Package #33 Muhammad Haroon
  34. Package #34 Cecilia Tapia
  35. Package #35 Rahul Joshi
  36. Package #36 Maureen Denny
  37. Package #37 Edi Amin
  38. Package #38 Stella Mikraki
  39. Package #39 Rahul
  40. Package #40 Macesanu Madalin Florentin
  41. Package #41 Jamil Ahmed
  42. Package #42 Abdirahman Darbane
  43. Package #43 Ryan Thompson
  44. Package #44 Tomas Forsman
  45. Package #45 Dusty Rayburn
  46. Package #46 Jimmy Bearden
  47. Package #47 Greg Daniels
  48. Package #48 Judy Hopps
  49. Package #49 Dimitris Kalliris
  50. Package #50 Dennis Wesley Otugo
  51. Package #51 Joe Mallion
  52. Package #52 Tharon Green
  53. Package #53 Gwyn Fisher
  54. Package #54 Hoo
  55. Package #55 Luiz Bills
  56. Package #56 Garett Southerton
  57. Package #57 Jonathan Wadsworth
  58. Package #58 Martin Holsinger
  59. Package #59 Puneet Sahalot
  60. Package #60 Nilesh Shiragave
  61. Package #61 Darlene
  62. Package #62 Terri Orlowski
  63. Package #63 Matt Ricketts
  64. Package #64 Jeasy Sehgal
  65. Package #65 Hackphonehy
  66. Package #66 David P Schwartz
  67. Package #67 Monique Rogers
  68. Package #68 Emran Ahmed
  69. Package #69 Maedah Batool
  70. Package #70 David Munn
  71. Package #71 Kieran Taylor
  72. Package #72 Husain
  73. Package #73 Joel McDonald
  74. Package #74 Neil MacLean
  75. Package #75 Ashikul
  76. Package #76 Mariusz Zasadniczo Szatkowski
  77. Package #77 Jon Shyman
  78. Package #78 Raaj Trambadia
  79. Package #79 Simon Barnett
  80. Package #80 Hassan Latif
  81. Package #81 Rajat Chodhary
  82. Package #82 Yannick Lepère
  83. Package #83 Tony Zeoli
  84. Package #84 Dima Minka
  85. Package #85 Durgesh Kalya
  86. Package #86 Barak Levy
  87. Package #87 Tor Morten Jensen
  88. Package #88 Gorakh Sirsikar
  89. Package #89 Eran Katz
  90. Package #90 Joel Ramos
  91. Package #91 Ann McGregor
  92. Package #92 Dale Reardon
  93. Package #93 Alex Sirota
  94. Package #94 Nuno Climaco Pinto
  95. Package #95 Jasmin Gorinjac
  96. Package #96 Alex Lp
  97. Package #97 Michael McCranie
  98. Package #98 Augusto
  99. Package #99 Rick Shannon Yentzer
  100. Package #100 Adam Lenz

P.S. We will be emailing you the details about how to get the prizes you won. Bear with us. It’s a long list of 400 products.

[UPDATE 2016-08-02] We are still compiling the list of winners and dividing them into packages, but with a full-time job and 100 winners, that’s more than 150 emails. Hopping to email the winners by this weekend.



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  • John LaBella

    WordPress allows me to create websites that can showcase my talents as a film maker

  • aris setiawan

    What does WordPress mean to you?
    WordPress is now my part of life it’s not only about my freelance job.
    with WordPress I help my family in financial & various way, I can help/support my sister until she graduated from her university (cheers 😀 ).
    I used to work in software house as programmer & front-end and I have low quality time with my family. now when I’m freelancing I have more time with my family. and yeah lot of my client satisfy with what I do.
    my decision in 2015 is right, to learn WordPress and make it as primary living.

  • Uriahs

    WordPress to me means a way to elevate myself from the many disadvantages of living in a 3rd World country such as lack of employment and saturated career paths. Through WordPress I have been able to meet many great people and make strides in my career path as a Developer. WordPress is the best thing to happen to me in my life thus far.

  • Casey F

    To me, WordPress is about endless possibilities, complete ownership and the ability to do whatever I want with a site, in whatever language I want to do it, whenever I want to and wherever I want to.

  • Jessica Clifford

    WordPress allows me to display a lovely website with fantastic tools and plugins from super folks!

  • Joshua Patterson

    A developer of 20 years, WordPress has Transformed how I make my living, and my personal community! WordPress, whatever its form in the future, will continue to be how I pay for my kids college..

  • Atu

    wordpress is just fine.

  • Jan Barendse

    What does WordPress mean to you?
    The opportunity to build a publishing business with all the tools that WP offers me as a developer/entrepreneur. By leveraging wordpress and its plugins i am able to offer functionality and agile growth otherwise would have required millions. I love this stuff, its community and the way it is heading.

  • Frederic

    WordPress is giving the liberty to work anywhere and to have a lifestyle that I was dreaming about it…

  • Jon Williams

    As a developer, it means I have a roof over my family’s head, and food on the table. I am grateful to the creators of WordPress, and the generous community that surrounds it.

  • Nagdy

    WordPress means to me the thing I spend more than 12 hours per day for.
    And by the way, it never helped me to win a giveaway ever 😀

  • Alyne Francis

    WordPress means a career I finally enjoy. 🙂

  • Scott

    WordPress is a canvass for my creativity and assists me in helping businesses grow.

  • Andy

    WordPress allows me to live anywhere in the world, while also doing a job I love!

  • Husain

    Learning & Working with WordPress for making my living. Because it’s so easy I can learn it easily and it’s so powerful that If Allah(Almighty) Wills using this tools I will make Handsome amount of money in future.

  • Raphael Ramos

    WordPress means having fun with code, be fast and deliver a excelent experience, for my clients and for their clients. Also, pay my bills on the end of the month!!!

  • Shiro Atika-Chan

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    WordPress change my life. My creativity with wordpress won’t stop! Its my life!

  • Christine

    WordPress means an opportunity to pursue my dream career of being a web designer!

  • Tom Legens

    WordPress has provided me a tool for offering my clients quality scaleable website solutions. The advances in WordPress over the years has given me a stable platform to develop for my clients with the confidence to know it will be around and relevant for the years to come.

  • Rob Monti

    WordPress has meant a great deal to me over the years. Initially, it was a platform that allowed me to express my thoughts and heart, and to sharpen both my mind and my pen. Since then, it has increasingly become my bread and butter, and by extension a platform for creative solutions to address the business needs and hopes of my customers. I’m grateful for WordPress, its architects, and the development and design community that have sprung up around it. Looking forward to what the future holds for WordPress its fellow devotees!

  • Ajay Aravind

    Being a developer for 7 years, and in last 3 years with my WP Agency, WordPress made the roller coaster ride of life a smooth one. Most happy thing is more than 10 families depends on WordPress for their living through us and that helps us to make the greatest smile in the world. Without WP we would have struggled a longer time to reach what we are now. I think this is the right place to say Thank you WP.

  • Wendell Harness

    To me, WordPress means serving my clients, using a platform that is developer-friendly, designer-friendly, and end-user-friendly. Plus it helps put food on the table for my family!

  • Erdal

    Wp means to em : The opportunity to build my new business with all the flexibility.

  • Usman Tanvir

    WordPress has change my life as I knew it. It has given me the confidence that I never thought I would have. I know that I was born creative, but that was not enough. I mean it. It was not enough to, it took a lot more to what I am now. Along the way I felt all alone, more times than you would understand. I had nothing but the WordPress community. WordPress has been the friend that I never had, it’s been some one who was always there to support me, even when I didn’t know how to code, when I first started to blog, when I started learning HTML, then when I started teaching HTML, it was always there. It was the one thing consistent through out my journey towards a better developer. WordPress pays my bills, it makes me whole, seriously it makes me whole. As a developer, I have what I have because of this awesome community 🙂

  • Jason Connors

    WordPress has empowered me to be an application developer

  • Marko

    Bread and love 😉

  • Andrew

    WordPress is like family. We all just happen to like the same CMS 😀

    Such a great community.

  • Monique Rogers

    I got my toes wet in the sea of web development with Drupal, because at the time it made a lot of sense. For awhile I’ll admit I was kind of snobby about that. I never expected that my first ‘real’ development gig would be with a WordPress agency. Now I get a thrill from exploring edge cases, and pushing WordPress past the limits I had wrongly assumed it had. So to me, WordPress has taught me to not be afraid to take a second look at something we had written off.

  • Idealien

    Working on / with WP have been the best parts of my career, and sharing back to the community through AWP and WordCamps have been the best parts of technical communities I’ve been a part of. This comment will win I tells’ya! Win big!

  • Chris Backe

    What does WordPress mean to me?
    Freedom. The ability to make a site my way, not limited to pre-designed themes or templates. The only limits are my knowledge and the time I have to learn.

  • John Egan

    What does WP mean to me? As a relative novice it means that I’ve been able to create my own job and company, instead of just working for one. Cannot be overstated….

  • Sisir

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    When I look back 6 years from now. I have come a long way. I was a basic php learning when I was introduced into WP. Now I live and breath on WordPress. My job as WordPress developer allows me to explore more into it, build application with it.

    To be honest WP isn’t perfect but the World is a better place with WP around. Looking forward towards future to experience what it reveals.

  • Leo James

    WordPress is how I bring 2000 families — families of various religions, cultures, languages, beliefs — together as one community; otherwise they are just a colony without unity. Proudly unified by WordPress.

  • Alok Kumar

    WordPress means a lot to me. It helps making beautiful website a piece of cake. I can satisfy client’s requirements very quickly and they are always happy to see the fantastic result which is made possible only by wordpress. I just love it. I wish to do more amazing things with wordpress.

  • Donna Cavalier

    What does WordPress mean to me? It means I am able to explore both my technical and creative side in a way that helps me and my clients. Sure, I could do that with any number of other content management systems, but WordPress is the best fit for me. I’ve tried to wander away, thinking there might be something better, but WP is like a magnet that draws me back. Sometimes under protest, even. But back I come, nevertheless. It is not perfect. But it is as right as I have been able to find.

  • Kenneth Ehmsen

    What does WordPress mean to me?
    It means freedom. And the ability to make a site right the way i want, not limited to pre-designed themes or templates. The only limits are my knowledge and the time I have to learn.

  • Carl

    WordPress allows me to make a living from home and challenging myself to improve. But perhaps more importantly is teaching others how to do it as well due to the small learning curve. The software and community is simply amazing. Thanks!

  • Ryan Jarrett

    WordPress has allowed me to transition from a relatively code-free career path (IT management) to being a full-fledged developer, letting me pick up useful cross-discipline skills while also becoming part of the wonderful community that surrounds WordPress.

  • Hawon Nguyen

    Can’t really find a word to describe WordPress, it’s just AWESOME!

  • Kevin

    WordPress means not having to reinvent the wheel for every project, and standing on the shoulders of giants who give away their knowledge and experience to others in the community.

  • Adil Elsaeed

    WordPress in my business ^^

  • Mitko Petrov

    WordPress is simple – it’s just about everything.

    From simple blogs to fancy eCommerce sites, from brick and mortar, NGOs to a Fortune 500 corporate site.
    It can take you anywhere – make it simple, do it complex, gain real power and change the world or help other people see your world on your WordPress site.
    Wordpress is all about simplicity, being flexible, ever changing and improving – believing in the things you like to do and they way they should be done to meet any unique business case or personal project.

  • Igor Benic

    WordPress has given me the gift to help others with plugins. It is also a tool which is helping me become a better developer by learning from others and the contributors. It gives me freedom to work with what I want, on what I want and where I want 🙂 It really has changed the way I live.

  • JRuiz

    WordPress means more websotes for everybody!!

  • Aezaz

    WordPress mean to me a leader of all other CMS. It helps us to create beautifully and feature reach websites quickly and it’s loved by 99% peoples who started using for first time 🙂

  • Leo Koo

    WordPress has been my go-to from Drupal, when my hard work in Drupal had to be reset due to their terrible upgrading options. It was the ecommerce software I used and endured (Cart66) and then loved (WooCommerce. I spent tons of money on WordPress, buying WordPress themes and plugins before deciding, hey, I wanna build some myself.

    To me, I read, use and write about WordPress.



  • Mayeenul Islam

    WordPress was my first love (<3) with code.
    And till then I'm living with WordPress.

    From theme development, I now entered in plugin development arena, and doing professional works with it.
    Would love to live with WordPress till the end.

  • Austin

    WordPress to me is a profession, a hobby, a community, and a passion.

  • Jorge Díaz

    For me, it means a way of life, the tool that will help me to accomplish my goals.

  • Burhan

    WordPress help me to earn more and live better 😀

  • Mahi

    WordPress means a career I finally enjoy. (Y)

  • Shahjehan

    WordPress Make My Code Awesome,
    I love WordPress PlateForm

  • Jonwp

    WordPress is my life

  • Truong Giang

    WordPress makes my life better.

  • Sandipan

    WordPress means everything to me. Firstly, it is my source of bread and butter. Secondly, due to its easy to use nature, it helped me to start blogging in 2011. Also, it helped me to make many friends in the WordPress community.

    In short, WordPress is the part of my family 🙂

  • Mairaj Pirzada

    Hello Ahmad!

    Thanks a ton to you and to AWP for hosting this giveaway! This is going to be a ton of fun! I have been a member of Advanced WordPress Group on FB, but never really participated much. It’s a great group with fantastic people; it’s like a treasure for anyone aspiring to learn Advanced WP.

    To answer ‘what does WordPress mean to me?’, here’s this:

    To me WordPress is the world’s greatest software, which makes lives of millions of people easy. It paves the way to numerous opportunities, the way to meeting great personalities. It is what makes my work easy.


  • Thorir

    Marko said “Bread and love”. I can echo that.

  • Eugene Kopich

    I’m proud to impress
    other people with WordPress

  • Marius

    WordPress is my business

  • Syed Shariefi

    I’m a personally game developer and run a Software company in the UK. I needed a site for my game studio five years ago and that was how I met WordPress. After that I created some sites for some fellow game devs. Since than I started Web Development professionally and supervise my web dev team personally. There’s not a single day I don’t play around with WordPress for a while…
    So, for me, WordPress is awesomeness!

  • Huy Nguyen The

    WordPress help me earn money from home 🙂

  • Joel Ramos

    WordPress puts food on my family’s table.

  • Hackphonehy

    I like giveaway ???

  • Hamid Roshaan

    Well, I am a Blogger and Affiliate marketer (who runs more than 20 Blogs and Niche sites) and WordPress is Quite literally a BIG part of my work life.

  • M Asif Rahman

    Thats like too big list to even compile! Lots of hard work.

  • George Darkos

    WordPress is love. WordPress is life! 😛

  • Shahjahan Jewel

    To me, WordPress is something that can make people’s life easier and I can feel like home when I work with WordPress 🙂

  • Miroslav D.

    WordPress? – I Love It :D…

  • Aslam Multani

    For me wordpress is one of the great open source projects, what allows people to create their online presence. Having the large community and plugins wordpress allows to achieve almost any kind of complex requirement to build a site.

  • Immad Uddin Khan

    WordPress to me means everything. It is the road that I have chosen to brand myself on the online world. Why I chose WordPress? Because it’s easy to noob like me to work around it. I have 2 websites ( and that I run using WordPress and it is indeed a major part of my life. Winning this Giveaway means a lot to someone who is looking to become a very active member of the community.

  • Creativity Please

    WordPress is the modern day representation of what is right with the world. Open, Inclusive, Empowering & Evolving.

  • Chris

    To me, WordPress means having a solid base for a huge variety of web requirements. It means having a skilled user base, finding high quality resources, solving all kind of issues and literally running the web.

  • Phelan Riessen

    WordPress is more than a CMS, it powers a quarter of the Internet, it powers a passionate community and conversations, it’s a way to make a business larger than life, a stepping stone to coding, it’s poetry, it’s a way to convey creativity, it is a way of life.

  • waqas

    WordPress Make’s life easier.

  • Mte90

    An easy and powerful and flexible way to get a portal or a webiste or a ecommerce or a platfrom or a membership etc..

  • Devin Walker

    WordPress means community and innovation.

  • Tor Morten jensen

    WordPress is how I make my living. Without WordPress I probably would have never became a developer by profession. WordPress is life!

  • Amanpreet Singh

    WordPress means joy and passion for me, it has helped me push myself to be a better developer and create user friendly websites with the power of a an amazing CMS under the hood.

  • Dimitris

    A powerful CMS that makes the job done, as quick and simple as possible! WP puts food on my table! 🙂

  • Shaikh Masood Alam

    WordPress is my bread and butter and its give me a better career. Exploring WordPress my hobby.

  • Frank

    WordPress is the basis to everything I love to do.

  • Emran

    WordPress means WordPress to me, I have no another name or meaning for WordPress 🙂

  • raistand

    I like wordpress. It look awesome. 🙂

  • Mustaasam Saleem

    .:: What does WordPress mean to me ::.
    WordPress is not just a tool but a whole world within itself. Today, it stands as the best CMS in the world accounting for more than million of websites over the internet. I believe WordPress doesn’t limit its approach to blogging purposes only. It is a full fledge web designing application used to design almost any kind of website with high flexibility and unlimited customizability options. May it be a personal portfolio, a community forum, an ecommerce web store or an audio/video/content blog, with WordPress you cannot only craft it but add an element of exceptionality to it.

  • Mats Thorburn

    WordPress has enabled me to move from print to web with my passions: design, front end development – and tea. Combining it all in a WooCommerce store selling tea.

  • Maruti Mohanty

    WordPress to me means the awesome community, WordCamps, WordPress groups esp AWP, that doesn’t stop at anything. People in the community doesn’t give it a second thought before lending help. I started my career as a WordPress Developer and its been more than 4 years and I am enjoying every bit of it.

  • Karin Storm

    WordPress to me means simultaneously being independent and being part of a worldwide community

  • Manuel CH

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    Well, I started with WordPress 10 years ago – and I never stopped regretting it. It is a valuable system to work with – and the eco system around is huge and great!
    wordpress is not my whole world – but a big part of it 🙂

  • Tonino Jankov

    What it means…

    Transparent web software that lowered the bar for people to enter web development..
    At its core – pretty good software.
    I can have website up & live in less than 5 minutes now 🙂

  • Christopher Hedqvist

    I remember when I started using WordPress in the late 2008, it was great. Sure it had a lot of features missing but the basic was there. Putting up simple sites/blogs, today we use it to setup complex e-commerce shops and a lot of custom sites. To see it grow with plugins and the communities is just fantastic. Today I mainly use WordPress in my work and I love the open-source.

  • Darko

    WP is my future!

  • Zdravko Ćurić

    WordPress is my daily driver 🙂 I work on lot of project and I enjoy it!

  • Pranesh Patel

    WordPress has evolved over the years as an indispensable tool for developing all genre of websites you can imagine. WordPress is the tool which I depend on for my end to end web development. But the icing on the cake is wordpress is a dynamic platform which is keeping pace with the new technologies .

  • Swapnil

    What does WordPress mean to you?
    I started my career with WordPress. Never Looked back. Today WordPress is the primary source of income for me. It is around 90% of my work.

    WordPress to me means choice to have the website as I want, without being worried about its complexity or security.

  • Brenda Malone

    WordPress is the power to create, connect and level the playing field for people who just want to share and connect with other people.

  • Maartin

    WordPress allowed me to earn a steady additional income to support my children at university. Thank you WordPress!

  • Gloria Antonelli

    Evangelize, train, speak, develop, and consult about WordPress since 2006. Always pushing focus on User Experience.

  • Andy

    What does WordPress mean to me? Roughly about two years ago now I met a group of amazing entrepreneurs, that had the same goals as myself, which was to launch a internet tech business. Myself being the noob of the group had very little experience in this industry. However, my team at the time were not, and this wasn’t there first rodeo. Shortly after my developer introduced me to WordPress the CMS for online website. He proceeded to explain how the site builder work, as well told me that I did not need to know much code, and if I played around with it ,I would catch on faster then I thought. In all he was right for days I devoted some time to learn this simple to use CMS. Roughly after 2 months I was hooked, I couldn’t believe that there was sitebuilder like WordPress. Now a days I use WordPress for the majority of all my projects, and when individuals ask me what CMS I use , I say WordPress #FTW. WordPress has evolved my way of life, given me opportunities I could only imagen off, and has given me the fire to keep diving in to learn more. WordPress changed my life, and if this comment can help change someone else’s, then my job here is down.
    Best of luck everyone

  • Max Meliorist

    Two things. One is sentimental value – my first act of participating in the internet was my WordPress blog back in 2006. Secondly, it is irrefutable proof of large communities of humans engaging to successfully collaborate in creating things that make a larsting positive influence in each of their lives – the comments on here clearly show it – as well as the world.

  • Joe Querin

    What does WordPress to mean to me?

    It means empowerment. I’m able to empower my clients, friends, family to create and maintain content on their own websites with an easy to use tool. Since I’ve been able to dig into how WordPress works, and start building themes and plugins, I then can share my processes, and knowledge I’ve gained with the WordPress community. Which community is another thing that WordPress means to me, I’ve met some great people and I’ve learned alot from them, and I hope I’ve been able to help others as well.

  • Andrey Z

    Thank you for an excellent opportunity to get a great prize!

  • Saad Asad

    WordPress is the first thing that pops in my head whenever I hear or see the word website development.

    I have used it for my blog. I use it for my clients.

    It’s an essential to the work I do!

  • Muhammad Arslan

    WordPress has changed my life. I started web development with core PHP/MySQL but soon I fell in love with WordPress. Now I can’t think of a single day without WordPress and it’s awesome community. Thanks to everyone and specially to all those who are working really hard for WordPress.

  • Augusto

    WordPress is my day-by-day! My life’s business 🙂

  • Christopher Martinez

    What does WordPress mean to you? I came from Drupal – so to answer what WordPress means to me, I have to look back at the Drupal days. WordPress means better community; better community support; and ease of use – both for developers and for end-users. Moving to WordPress has been a great move for me. I’ve enjoyed developing with WordPress and look forward to learning more about it.

  • Andrew McCauley

    I get to use WordPress to build marketing sites that help children in poverty around the world.

  • Nathan

    echo capital_p_dangit(“WordPress means a living, helping good people, and generally a codebase that makes sense.”)

  • Richard

    It gave me the ability to create a decent website with CMS while having almost no PHP experience. From there I got more and more involved and learned a lot along the way.

  • Mike

    What does WordPress mean to me? It means the ability to live my life however I chose and to dedicate myself to a community that is changing the world as we know it.

  • Rachel

    It is the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and make a decent living.

  • Craig Paterson

    WordPress allows for so much flexibility when building websites of all sizes and the community is totally awesome.

  • Jono Chong

    WordPress means “opportunity” to me as I’ve had the platform to build webpages for family members with startups, non-profit organizations as well as my own portfolio of photography and videography.

  • Kim Woodbridge

    WordPress means that I get to learn new skills and coding techniques to make great websites while earning a living doing something that I really enjoy.

  • Alonso Indacochea

    At large, WordPress has democratized the web unlike anything else. Personally, WordPress means delivering professional, customizable, and beautiful websites and web applications for our clients. It is heart of my business – and that is I why I try to contribute as much as I can to the larger WordPress community when given the opportunity, by organizing, speaking, and sponsoring WordCamps and sharing my knowledge at WordPress meetups.

  • Matt

    For me, WordPress means being able to provide affordable web & marketing solutions for small local businesses and nonprofits to help them succeed. It also means being a part of one of the most generous online communities out there.

  • Aleksandar

    Life,Hate,Love & Food. LHLF <3 WordPress

  • Darryl Schmidt

    WordPress is the canvas that allows me to make the things about the stuff with the people in the places.

  • BobWP

    Well, there is actually some stuff here I don’t already have 🙂

  • Greg Whitehead

    Lots of great tools for WordPress users.

  • Rakib

    WordPress seems to me everything . MY joy , MY career . Just Because of WordPress I can do everything when i want 🙂

  • Tom Pedersen

    What does WordPress mean to me? It means that i have the big opportunity to enfold some ‘crazy’ – conceptualizing ideas and put them right onto the web. For me it’s not only a tool but more a kind of Swiss Army Knife creatinga and cutting my ideas towards a well defined place at the web. It makes my aced ideas realizable in a convenient way. In this good manner i use it 🙂

  • Hassan Latif

    Jackpot for WordPress community 🙂

  • Kyle Alm

    WordPress is a software platform, community, and economy. It’s like it’s own world.

  • Luiz Bills

    WordPress means an opportunity to pursue my dream career of being a web designer!

  • Kristin A.

    WordPress has opened many doors for me, leading to work and personal expression. And for that, I’m thankful!

  • Zach Stepek

    WordPress provides me with the ability to live life on my terms through a constantly evolving development platform that is powering the future of the web powered by the best open source community out there.

  • Tomas Forsman

    WordPress means freedom.

  • Luke Cavanagh

    WordPress can be used for building simple or very complex sites.

  • Ofer

    WordPress mean doing the ‘thing’ I love with much more fun

  • Rob Stinson

    WordPress has allowed me to build a business that gives me amazing freedoms, engage with a bloody incredible worldwide community and not have to sacrifice time with my young family for economic gains. WordPress has been a gateway to what I think so many in the world are pursuing. A creative, fun, interesting, family friendly and profitable profession. Put that in your pipe and smoke it banner-ad-person-who-earns-$3,000-in-one-day-from-home-by-following-this-one-simple-trick. WordPress, and the industry it supports, is evidence that when you work hard and give first, great things happen.

  • Andrew Wilson

    WordPress means an opportunity for a new career in something that challenges me.

  • Kamran Abdul Aziz

    WordPress is life, it has helped me recover from Broken life when i had no job.

  • Dale Reardon

    WordPress means that our business can build and control its own website and have all the features we want with the vast array of plugins out there.

  • Raaj Trambadia

    WordPress taught us what a community really is. Simple.

  • Edward grandy

    WordPress mean a lot for me, bringing more change.

  • Dima Minka

    Good news, thx for this amazing gifts.

  • Muhammad Haroon

    Well, Ahmad my buddy… I must say that you just picked up the right move.. Congrats to you and AWP (y).

    I love you what you doing for WordPress community already at wpcouple but hosting giveaway will definitely help your readers to get something as reward of being your loyal reader. I really appreciate it. Keep up good work by the way.

    Kind regards,
    Muhammad Haroon

  • Melinda Isaacs

    What does WordPress mean to me? It means everything. It’s how I make a living to feed my family, keep my creativity at its peak, and it’s how I got started in the web design field. WordPress helped me find and join amazing communities and has given me so many wonderful opportunities. 🙂

  • Camille

    WordPress is my living.

  • Tom Hermans

    an eco system of talented, open-minded and open-source developers dedicating themselves to push the web forward, help others through code, forum help or meetup and conference talks. My professional network has been mulitiplied ten times because of WP people I met online or IRL, or their acquaintances and I yet have to meet one person I didn’t like. It seems WP has this wonderful addicting attitude that makes people give and help out. Also: I built sites on top of it, that my co-workers or clients find very easy to use.

  • Maarten Vermue

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    WordPress means quite a lot to me, I work as a website developer and have had to make quite a few wordpress websites so far. So, I do require and rely on it daily. I can do what I like doing with it fairly easily. WordPress to me signifies how a large community can come together and work together to make a great product.

  • Adam Lenz

    WordPress is the universe so I can keep making apple pies

  • Peter Nedergaard

    Aa a webagency using wordpress this group is just the best and fast way to get information, simply!

  • Elroy fernandes

    WordPress has helped me to earn a living with pride, for the first time I feel like I am going something useful in the world.

  • Judy Hopps

    I like WordPress.

  • Austin

    Not only is WordPress a business for me, it’s a launch pad for creating anything I want.

  • Barak Levy

    WordPress is the tool to show our design creativity

  • Martin

    WordPress is my way to create an income.

  • Muhammad Tehseen

    WordPress has changed the lives of many people, It changed how we present ourselves with endless opportunities . WordPress has given me endless opportunities to earn the living & present my talents over the web.There is a lot to say,I can write an essay about it.

  • Garett

    WordPress means freedom to me. The ability to make a living and have damn fun while creating for it!

  • Jesus Diaz

    WordPress means freedom. Not complete freedom so far, but I’ve been a freelance WordPress developer climbing the ropes for the past 6 years. It means a light at the end of the tunnel to have complete freedom one day… soon I hope.

  • Tim Embler

    WordPress means I can creatively cultivate anything. It can handle any type of website project.

  • Felix Nyamweya

    For me back in Africa, Kenya, WordPress means opportunity. It means having an opportunity to share with the the African story to the rest of the world and also in return share with the people back home what the world has to offer.

  • John

    WordPress helps me have the lifestyle that I want to have! Thanks WP!

  • Corey

    WordPress allows me to build worlds

  • Jason

    What does WordPress mean to me? FOSS (free open source software) done right. It attracts both novices and professionals. It’s also founded on the principles that deliver a free open internet which attracts many to come along and extend it into the ultimate platform. WordPress can be a blog sure, but it can also be much more then that. It can be used to design just about any site you could want. Since the code is open and everyone can view it, its far more secure than some proprietary platform since its constantly scrutinized by an endless army of developers.

  • Bill Querry

    WordPress is a great tool that enables me to help me help our company grow.

  • João Alves

    WordPress = Community

  • Xristodoulos

    The ability to make a living and having fun coding

  • Bryce Jacobson


  • Tharon Green

    WordPress to me means a way to enjoy my love of web design and development while also seeing the endless possibilities of creativity.

  • Erica Franz

    WordPress means to me: being a part of incredible people from around the world with completely different ideas, thoughts and skills, all coming together to help one anther achieve great things for themselves, their families and for their own local communities.

  • Angi

    WordPress is a way to make a living working from home.

  • Mark Bunner

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    It means being able to set up websites quickly; with lots of features because the community has built frameworks, themes, and plugins to do lots of things.

  • Ido

    WordPress for me is a way to express myself, either by coding 4 it or by blogging with it.

  • Mário Valney

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    Well… WordPress is core of my work. I just love the way WordPress make easy to non-developers to create their blogs/sites and developers to create entire systens too complex as any framework could do.

    WordPress is safe, beautiful, clean, powerful… and it sounds like poetry.

  • maxemil

    WordPress has enabled me, and my clients, while used as a tool and go-to framework, to fast and effectively produce websites, which turn around business through clear and easily adaptable workflows, and gain momentum for otherwise stalled projects.
    Overall the WordPress community, users and developers are very coherent and on the same track. Being part of this journey I realize its had a major impact on my own development and interrest for web technology in context related to communication flow/reception. Thanks all 🙂

  • David

    Wow – that’s a lot of giveaways.

    WordPress for me is a way of building an online presence for business(es).

  • Rahul Joshi

    Firstly, this giveaway is just awesome. It is one of the biggest WordPress giveaway I have came across.

    Regarding what WordPress means to me, WordPress is my GoTo solution for any website I want to develop. Whenever someone talks to me about implementing a website, I start thinking in back of my mind on how it can be done in WordPress.

  • Bill Wehnert

    WordPress means flexibility, performance and creativity.

  • Tabatha DiDomenico

    WordPress is a community!

  • Courtney Chowning

    WordPress means the freedom to live my dream of staying home with my kids while still being able to contribute to our financial dreams.

  • Pedro

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    WordPress is my way of life, everything I do is with WP, thanks a lot.

  • Alfredo Gago

    What does WordPress mean to you?
    For me, WordPress is what helps me make a living while making people happy with what I give them. It’s a lifesaver work tool.

  • Hence Wijaya

    WordPress to me means freedom

  • Keely

    WordPress has allowed me to meet lots of amazing people, and has given me a fantastic way to express my creativity.

  • Simon Barnett

    WordPress means more than life itself!
    ok, that’s probably a bit extreme. It’s damn nice way to earn a living, though..

  • Gypsy LoSavio

    WordPress, to me, means ease of building dynamic sites for clients and myself without hardcoding static anything. I love designing through CSS but creating static sites as I did 10 years ago … WordPress has been such a blessing to make the design process so much shorter and easier. The ease of just using different themes straight out of the box is a plus. But I’m a designer at heart and LOVE how easy it is to customize without doing a LOT of extensive coding with CSS, although I do that, too!

  • Linda Ursin

    WordPress made it possible for me to have my multiple sites under one umbrella, on a single platform, using different looks and functionalities without having to empty the bank. It makes it possible for me to run my business as an intuitive artist without requiring assistance from programmers or other specialists.

  • Javier

    WordPress is starting to give me kind of life I was aiming for 🙂

  • Lori

    WordPress allows me to make a living by helping people communicate on the internet.

  • Justin McGuire

    WordPress is been the door to a great career for me.

  • Reagan Rose

    WordPress means I get to help others express their thoughts to the world without having to go through the traditional “gatekeepers”. It means everyone can have a voice.

  • Paul Eldridge

    WordPress provides me with an incredibly smooth (and secure) method of creating and maintaining my personal web presence (plus it’s great fun!)

  • cnotv

    26% of the websites online and the best example of open source. Also best example to how make it worth financially as well!

  • Gil

    WordPress is my canvas, my office and my inspiration.
    And, even better, is going to be there in the future 🙂

  • Joseph

    Amazing giveway for WordPress lovers!

  • Stella

    “What does WordPress mean to you?” WordPress is freedom, evolution, business.

  • Gerard Godin

    WordPress Is IT!

  • Thomas

    WordPress is you, me and everybody else in a innovative large Community of the most magnificent Open Source product ever!

  • Ian

    WordPress is the way I changed my life after 15 years in architecture. It’s a community I found. It’s a vehicle that injected passion into my creativity. It sparks enthusiasm and excitement and energises my work. It gives a voice to so many, so easily. It is democracy and freedom and enriches all of our lives.

  • Ravi

    I love wordpress ….

  • Harish

    WordPress is Lifepress for me its Prints a money for like printpress….
    Open source, Unique , Secure and Wide…..

  • Sasha-Shae

    For me, WordPress means absolute creative freedom both for designing and blogging and now it means a stable must-use tool for business. I’ve been using the platform since 2007 and absolutely love not only what I was able to create with it (my blogs), but what’s it taught me (helped me improve my coding skills, design skills and just overall gather new knowledge).

  • Ronald Gijsel

    If WordPress was a country I would live in it as each individual can make it better. You would need a pretty big bar to fit the whole Advanced Community into it. Well done all!

  • Dave

    WordPress is Food, Clothing & Living (In India we call is Roti, Kapda aur Makaan). I have no idea what would be my life without WordPress 🙂

  • Muhammad Usama M.

    I feel love and proud to be a WordPress Developer.

  • Siddhesh

    WordPress was the start of my journey of web development.

  • antonio

    WordPress is amazing!!!!!

  • Ciprian Popescu

    WordPress is my secondary income source, about 30% of my total income. WordPress is the future of CMS.

  • RG

    WordPress allows me to create many kinds of sites and the freedom to do it well with world wide support and user base.

  • Abhishek Kumbhani

    As a WordPress developer it is my LIFE. 🙂

  • Riccardo Sbardellati

    WordPress is what truly brought me into web development and that’s where I want to be!

  • Justin Korn

    WordPress means I have the ability to work freely where and when I want for clients around the world.

  • Jull Weber

    WordPress means I get to pay my bills :D.

  • Rob G

    For me, WordPress is a wonderful tool that allows me to create beautiful and highly functional websites.

  • Amanda Giles

    WordPress is my means of supporting myself, but even more it’s become my community. I started a WordPress meetup and we host 2 meetups a month. Out of that group have come many friendships and even a business venture. I proudly call myself a WordPress enthusiast and evangelist.

  • Chuck Lasker

    WordPress allows me to create websites for nonprofits at the lowest possible cost. This helps them use funds for their central purposes.

  • Maureen Denny

    After years of using different platforms, html,, frontpage (cringe…) I decided to focus on WordPress. The more I work with it the more I learn and the more I appreciate what you can do with it. I can build a quick site for a local nonprofit or I can build something much more detailed. It’s so versatile and the community is fantastic!

  • Valentin Ceaprazaru

    For me WordPress means a job

  • Genevaday

    WordPress = KEY. The KEY that unlocked my access to the WORLD. I use WordPress on five of my domain properties. Getting my vision to the world was impossible with no code experience. The door was locked! With WordPress I have created 1. an online shop 2. school (for my niche) 3. of course a blog (for my YouTube Video’s!) 4. business mentoring website 5. jobs listing website. I am currently perfecting the sites and getting them ready for activity but the sites are just what I wanted and will allow me to give what I have to offer (my niche) to the world. I can go forward with confidence that WordPress IS THE RIGHT CHOICE for my business and creative goals! One Opensource product is the KEY that helped me unlock the WORLD.

  • Waqas J

    What does WordPress to mean? Well answer is not simple like for many of you. Because WP contributes a lot in our life from education to business to passion to perhaps almost everything if not everything. For me WP started as tool of job which turned into passion in form of freelancing and later on as a way of connecting with people who have the same interest. WP helped me in learning stuff, earning side kicks and even full time job as well. Now if I look back, I might not have achieved so much if I hadn’t found WP. So Thank you WP for bringing so much in my life 🙂

  • Edi Amin

    To me, WordPress is a way to make my living. I was astonished how WordPress handle different types of data with only post type, post meta and taxonomy. This is really a poetry.

  • Pieter C

    To me, WordPress is a great tool to make something happen.

  • Ferenc T

    The best tool to reach my dream website

  • Jamil Ahmed

    I make my living using WordPress and I always thinking about how to spread the word so others can become a member of this journey too.

  • dimasmagadan

    For me WordPress is a great tool I use everyday.

  • Greg Daniels

    WordPress is accessibility. It is a well supported platform that allows me to sufficiently (and efficiently) shape and adjust focus and workload for clients of all budget categories. As the tools streamline and expand (and boy have they), it becomes increasingly more efficient to create process trees to support clients ranging from those who are new in their business, who may not have either a complete budgetary, planning, or experience resource, to companies who have been established long enough to have an abundance of those resources, to execute their website marketing goals.

  • suraj jadhav

    WordPress gave me hope. WordPress means a lot to me . After dropped out of my college I start learning web technologies along with WordPress from online blogs and channels cause there was nothing to do. First I started as WordPress implementer . Now I am starting level WordPress developer. and developed WordPress sites for my friends and clients(yes they paid me ;)) Hopefully I will ace WordPress in next couple of months. but if I didn’t get to know about WordPress I have been quit coding as of now.

  • Ashmita Bhavsh Dobariya

    WordPress means a business for me.

  • Antony de Navarro

    I make my living on the web and for the last 7 years that has meant WordPress! Open source software with a (mostly) open source community. Thanks to everyone involved in WordPress.

  • Yu Cheng Wang

    WordPress is a life style

  • Adam Cohen

    Love finding new communities for one of the best open source platforms in the world… wordpress can do anything you want. its expendable offerings make it one of the most robust solution platforms in the world.

  • Negoita Alexandru

    WordPress represents my day-to-day job, my purpose, my career. My life history is in two acts: before WordPress and after WordPress. The last one, even thought has only 4 years, is the most prolific, important and happiest part.
    So, thank you, WordPress!

  • Garnet

    What does WordPress mean to me? It’s my creative outlet, this is where get the opportunity to make my ideas come to life. This is where I can make on impact on the world, not just in word, but in products and services that empowers and inspire people. I love WordPress because it gives me the ability to create things and express my inner creative thinking.

  • Pat B

    For me finally there is a great platform (WordPress) that makes it possible to publish websites and online stores.
    Or, to make whatever I want online.
    Back 10 years in time it was over-complex solutions to build something equal.
    Love it! 🙂

  • Apostolee

    WordPress is my digital canvas. It’s the way I make money but mostly is the way I express myself, through my work. I absolutely love it!

  • Zsolt R.

    WordPress is the tool I use to earn my bread.

  • Shawn

    WordPress is the definition of simplicity meets complex in that it simplifies in an object oriented way complicated ideas and helps render them to the screen 🙂

  • Terri Orlowski

    WordPress is a tool that I can use to fulfill my dream of helping people while doing something that I love, and can earn money with to support my kiddos. I love the WordPress community! 🙂

  • Filozofer

    WordPress is the magic solution I use everyday for handle my association projects !

  • Brian Douglas

    WordPress means that I can pursue a career as an independent web designer/developer, but act as though I have a team of thousands due to the massive open source and plugin community that supports the platform.

  • Jacob M.

    WordPress has generated 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars for our business and we continue to build around the open web. It is one of the largest online communities we have ever been a part of and cannot wait to see what Automattic continues to bring to the world.

  • Mat_

    WordPress is my work, my hobby, and a lot more.

  • Dusty Rayburn

    WordPress provides a robust platform for my own blog as well as a great solution for clients who want an easy to manage cms attached to their web presence.

  • Paulo Carrasco

    WordPress means freedom to create, and to be a part of a great community.

  • Jason McCullough

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    It means I can provide for my family on my own terms. It means I have options now. It means a thriving freelance career. It means a strong, loving and supportive community. Thanks to WordPress I have met some wonderful people that I would have never met otherwise. Thanks to WordPress I have paid for my car, house, medical bills and I am no longer in debt.

  • Patricia Dumond

    WordPress is the way I make my living. It is also the best way for anyone to get their message out on the web. It can be installed in minutes and yet can be used as the foundation of highly complex websites for everything from eCommerce to building online communities to learning management systems. If you can imagine it, you can do it with WordPress. You might need help ;), but you can do it.

  • Masud Rana

    WordPress is not only a simple CMS to me, but also it’s a source of my living. I love to play with WordPress. I feel proud to be a WordPress developer.

  • Mariusz

    WordPress means delivering my clients, a platform that is developer-friendly, designer-friendly, and end-user-friendly.
    Plus it helps to take out a bread from a bake 🙂

  • Edin

    You guys rock this world!!

  • Edin

    WordPress mean everything for me now! I am blogging and creating fast wp websites for many friends and clients.

  • Jim Caruso

    WordPress is the most common, simple way to build websites.

  • Alex

    WordPress is a platform that makes everything possible

  • Gerry Humphrey

    WordPress means I can spend time developing just the parts my clients need instead of working from a totally blank slate.

  • Jim Spencer

    WordPress is an opportunity.
    WordPress provides access to a community of generous and talented people.
    WordPress provides the opportunity to solve problems and to create solutions for clients.
    WordPress provides the opportunity to contribute to the source code, create a theme or plugin. These are opportunities to give back, to be unselfish and give for the greater good.
    WordPress provides the opportunity to be rewarded for quality work, to earn a living.
    WordPress is an opportunity to be creative in design, coding, business and more.
    WordPress is a great starting point. Where will you take it?

  • Ciro Urdaneta

    WordPress give me the freedom to develop a simple blog or complex websites

  • Scott Winterroth

    WordPress = sharing and collaborating. I love teaching others how to get started then watch all of the amazing stuff they go on to create as the project is an enabler.

  • Wesley Otugo

    I want to win as simple as that, i could say alot of things but wordpress is what i do and all i know for the past 4years.

  • Daniel Bishop

    WordPress is a major part of my livelihood, drives me to keep learning and growing, and decorates my car.

  • BDunn

    WordPress means endless creativity to me- the ability to bring alive the vision of others and myself through websites and blogs!! Thanks WordPress and all who have worked tirelessly to keep making it better and more secure and even easier than it started out being!

  • David

    What does WordPress mean to you?
    From a blogging platform to a full blown CMS – WordPress allows me to be in control of the content and how the content is managed. IT allows me to build what the clients wants and needs without the hassle.

  • Baris Unver

    WordPress means so much to me! I’m using and learning WordPress for over 10 years now, and I learned so much from it.

  • Mike Mueller

    WordPress ‘enabled’ me to start y own business the day I became unemployed. That very day!

  • Renee Johnson

    WordPress provides me opportunities to explore, learn, connect with people and concepts, and a way to make a living. I appreciate both the accessibility and welcome the challenges of the platform provides<3.

  • Denis Ethier

    WordPress means business

  • Jay Syder

    WordPress means my work and helping teach people how to use wordpress themselves. Also what really got me interested in open source code and what it means. Plus allowing me to work from home 🙂

  • Joshua Vandercar

    When Gutenberg created the printing press, the few could get word to the many. WordPress has let the many get word to the world!

  • Gene

    WordPress gives me the ability to create affordable websites for small businesses and non-profits. And the WordPress community is just awesome, super friendly and very helpful!

  • Alex

    awesome!! WP is my way of living

  • Deborah Edwards-Onoro

    What does WordPress mean to me? Community.

  • David Smith

    WordPress means the possibility of making an income without having to report somewhere to work each day and being able to work from my home.

  • mohsin

    i am nothing without wordpress 🙂

  • Jake Jackson

    WordPress means freedom. Freedom to run your own website, to build your own business, to set your own hours and to work from anywhere in the world.

  • Mohsin Zunzunia

    WordPress means doing something I love for a living, being content at the end of each day being able to sustain a loving family including a lovely wife and two of the most adorable boys. I can’t come to think of a life without WordPress. Period!

  • Kristian Ahonen

    WordPress is a tool for me.

  • Bjarne de Bont

    WordPress allows me to create every website I want.

  • Andrei

    For me WordPress was the CMS that allowed me to be a true Front-End Developer. It allowed me to bring my thoughts into the real world and share them with everyone and I think that is just incredible!

  • Bas Smits

    WordPress means business!
    For me and my clients.

  • Christos Chiotis

    WordPress is fun and business at the same time. Is a way to easily and securely launch new products and solutions. It also brings most of the food on the table.

  • Karissa Skirmont

    WordPress is a part of my life – every day. Its a core component for my business and gives me the opportunity to have a community to give back as a Meetup/WordCamp organizer.

  • Alexander G

    What does WordPress mean to me?

    WordPress is a simple and powerful way to tell the world about yourself. It is the freedom of expression and an amazing community of caring people. It is the present and the future of the Web.

  • Nino van den Heuvel

    What WordPress means for me. It is my live at this moment. My income is based on all the services I provide for WordPress websites. Adding a new service would be a great promotion. Looking forward to hear from this.

  • vlad

    WordPress grants me freedom.

  • Gavin Aldrich

    WordPress means life, love and everything – the meaning of life is no longer 42, its WordPress 😉

  • Felix

    It means a lot to me, being on my side the last 8 years… abandoned it for one year for Contao… bad decision! Had me at hello when my closest colleague Freddy showed it to me. It’s fun, i try to pay my rent with it and i love it!

  • Anand Bhandarkar

    What does WordPress mean to me?

    It means that i have a opportunity to make something out of my life and look after my family, i have been working with wordpress since 3 years now in short WordPress has been a path to happiness for me and lot of my clients, wordpress can do so much beyond our imagination and it is a Very important part of my daily life and for a long time to come. Thank you WordPress you have helped me Survive.

  • BGeorgeFr

    WordPress means work, community, open-source, headaches and happiness

  • Julie Wolpers

    WordPress = FREEDOM and much easier development so we can focus on content.

  • Emlyn Jones

    WordPress means a living and a mindset. Open Source and a vivid community. Brilliant 🙂

  • David Peralty

    I’ve been using WordPress since 0.72. It has been a major facet of my career. I blogged on a site that was part of the WP news dashboard widget, I’ve released WordPress themes, I’ve co-hosted two WordPress podcasts, I’ve spoken at WordCamps, I’ve written endlessly about WordPress, I’ve done support on a major WordPress plugin, I’ve worked at a major WordPress agency, and I continue to use WordPress and daily. Without WordPress, I have no idea how my career would have shaped up.

  • Jeff Behnke

    WordPress is everything from business to everyday life for me for over a decade. I use it for income, for building my startups, client work and my own personal and business sites. The massive community that provides, gives and works on all parts of WordPress should be an example for all open source projects to look up to for great example in running a project both large and small. It amazes me with every years milestone.

  • Rich Hevesi

    Its means an income to me! Without it id be still using notepad or text edit. Boooo.

  • Adrian

    “What does WordPress mean to you?”
    It Just make`s your life easier, if you`re up for it.

  • Bry Ledesma

    This is probably the biggest giveaway I’ve ever to join in. So much stuff are at stake to make your career as a web developer even more lucrative!

  • Himanshu

    Hello, Thanks for this fantastic giveaway. I am very excited after entering in this giveaway. I want to use these excellent plugins and themes but because of the insufficient budget, I was not able to purchase these. Hope, I will win this giveaway and will surely use and review these goodies on my blog.

  • Scott

    WordPress means community, open source, all around awesomeness.

  • AJ Clarke

    Wow, Awesome giveaway!

  • Jon Campbell

    WordPress to me is a flexible platform that lets me deliver great value to clients for establishing their web presence/service.

  • David Sharpe

    WordPress means never having to say you’re sorry.

  • Per Søderlind

    I code for fun and WordPress makes it fun to code.

  • Samuel Shapiro

    For me, huge friendly community of contributors is what makes WordPress not just another CMS, but ultimate answer for almost all web development needs

  • Roy Hornsby

    WordPress is a fascination that never ends!

  • Roy Hornsby

    WordPress is an endless source of fascination

  • WildCrow

    WP changed my mindset about building websites, and at the moment does pretty much everything for me

  • Tom Townsend

    WordPress has become much more than a hobby. For myself and many its become “a way of life”!

  • Jan

    What can I say, WordPress is still the best CMS…

  • Matthew

    WordPress allows me to provide exponential value to local businesses by serving as a solid foundation to build websites and web apps on. To me, WordPress means value.

  • Mubashir

    WordPress is my first priority when it comes to build small to medium website’s for my clients. It is easy for both developers and end users.

    I can quickly build website by using WordPress because it has thousands of themes and plugins, which makes development in WordPress super-fast. And at the end it has a huge community which is always available to help you.

  • Luís António da Rosa Neng


  • Kittie

    Using WordPress enabled me to set up my own business working from home to take care of my young daughters when we fled from domestic abuse coming up to 10 years ago now . I love the ethos, the community and all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. It’s a fantastic platform that’s truly flexible – I’ve yet to find something it can’t be coded to do!

  • Yannick Lepère

    WordPress gave me the power to translate my graphical and marketing skills in a complete e-marketing solution for my clients. It added immense value to my home-business and now I’m able to add value to the local businesses which are my clients… and all of this for a reasonable price for them and with a nice profit for me 🙂 I Love WP!

  • Yannick Lepère

    WordPress gave a boost to my marketing and graphical skills so that I know can deliver a complete e-marketing solution to my clients. It has an immense added value for local businesses which can now affort first-grade professional websites at a reasonable price. It provides me with an extra income and empowers my clients online business : )

    I ♥ WP

  • Vajrasar Goswami

    It means everything to me as I spend most of my waking hours on it.

  • Hasan

    WordPress is really awesome.

  • Gopal Raha

    Thanks for Giveaway!!

  • Bank

    WordPress helps a non-coder like me rock the digital world 🙂

  • stooni

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    WordPress is the best Tool to create Websites an Blogs is really great for that job.
    I found ist the best Tool, the bet CMS, the best Website Builder!?

    Thanks for these Giveaway!

  • Daniel Smith

    It’s my livelihood. It has made developing websites faster, and the easy to learn CMS that end users can quickly learn to use.

  • madalin

    Again, WordPress shows how my future has improved just by being a part of it. I work daily with WordPress from simple projects to advanced ones. WordPress has literally changed my life. Years of full-time freelancer, years of part-time freelance and now a full-time job — planning to go back to full-time freelancing soon!:)

  • Tom

    WordPress is more than just a tool. it’s a way of life the community spirit is unrivalled.

    The coming together of like minded developers, users all with one thing in common the wish to make WordPress even better.

    Just returned from WCEU 2016, an amazing event and can’t wait for the next one.

  • Dean

    WordPress keeps me sane. Keeps my mind busy.. i’m always learning.

  • John Read

    WordPress To me provides an opportunity to reduce the technology barrier to enable people’s voices to be heard with a community to support people of all abilities and languages.

  • Nelson Lathrop

    An incredibly flexible tool. From simple to complex cool sites to video wall / signage.

  • Maryann Reissig

    It’s my foundation for building sites – and I always start a project with it, “Can I do this with WordPress?” – 99% of the time the answer is yes.

  • Joel

    WordPress has allowed me to build a business and be more independent.

  • Kim

    WordPress gives me the most flexible framework to begin building digital strategies for small businesses. I started building sites with a text editor back in the day, moved up to Dreamweaver and finally found WordPress. Haven’t looked back since. Thanks!!

  • Demjan

    As a developer I’m excited about a lot of the hosting a plugin bundles.

  • Pierluigi

    WordPress it’s my Work and in this case, Work it’s a pleasure 😉

  • Honest John & Co

    I have to say in the years I’ve been using WP, I have yet to find anything that can be adopted to such a wide array of needs. It helps me to help others.

  • Greg Cole

    WordPress allows me to run a business that delivers a diverse range of solutions while leveraging a community of like-minded designers, developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and content creators to extend the effectiveness of my product offerings. WordPress means I am able to be far more productive by providing an ecosystem driven by other passionate creators – providing a world of opportunities and possibilities not available with any other tool set.

  • Travis Clark

    WordPress gives me a platform to help support myself and my family, to help others build their businesses and to interact with the world at large.

  • Matheus Gimenez

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    WordPress is a big and beautiful and helps me to create another beautiful things, and help another people.

  • Mike Hale

    WordPress allows me to make a living doing something I really enjoy!

  • Richard

    WordPress means a 13 year head start.

  • John Williams

    I’ve been a fan of WordPress from the beginning. I tell clients if they can imagine it, we can probably create it. And then the fun begins.

  • Floyd Webb

    Versatility, novice, professional and client friendly, dynamic. There is great community of users. Authors often provide excellent support for plugins. It is a live functioning, interactive organism that allows me to provide rapid solutions for all kinds of applications from Blogging to video, and gaming.

    I love it!

  • Anselm Urban

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    WordPress has become part of my life. As a freelancer, I’m using it to create awesome websites for clients who want to have control over the content of their sites. WordPress enables me to easily develop websites while not sacrificing creative freedom. It also opens up a whole new world of job opportunities.
    Lots of people say that WordPress is sluggish, outdated, etc., but actually, it works great for me. I like that it is sophisticated instead of bleeding edge and experimental – and with PHP7, it’s actually really fast.

  • Trevor

    For me WordPress is all about the community and high availability of code along with other like minded people looking to do some really neat things.

  • William H.

    WordPress means I can provide for my family. I owe my career to WordPress!

  • Rachelle Wise

    WordPress is a key factor in my current success as a web developer! It’s quick to develop with, and its user-friendliness can’t be beat for my end clients! I love it.

  • caramiame

    WordPress is a community, a path to creativity, and a way to make a difference in any direction your purpose leads you. Most of all, WordPress is Power to the People.

  • Prabhu

    WordrPress does not mean only a CMS for me. It means the bread and butter from which my family gets to eat. From WordPress, I can help some of the people somewhere in the world. For WordPress, I can create a website without spending a heck lot of money with a developer. Being so easy as a platform it makes me and some of the users who are not tech-savvy easily to use. Without WordPress, I can not imagine half the person I am today. Highly customizable with flexible hooks and action allows everyone who uses to build any website or blog they want. The existence of WordPress gave me the tools, resources, and community to leave their full-time job with confidence to start their own business. I am sure not now but one day due to WordPress I will be able to ditch my full-time job and make Entrepreneurship as my full-time career.

  • Kathy Long

    WordPress allows me an affordable and highly efficient way to help my clients be successful online.

  • Alina Kakshapati

    Standing Strong, Paying my bills – All thanks to WordPress

  • Nilesh Bhanse

    WordPress is a awesome framework for me which has no limits……and i always like learn new thing in it…

  • jean

    jean carlie
    I’m from blgium and want to have success in wordpress development
    companies like yours contribute largely to make easy for web developer building websites for clients and provide a huge contribute to the wordpress community
    I hope to be part off this great community and wichs you have big success

  • Andrei-Robert Rusu

    WordPress allowed me to re-invent myself

  • SiteHaus

    Journey into web developing started from Dreamweaver MX. Moved to Joomla and settled down with WP. Love WP for it’s flexibility and awesome community.

  • Emyr Thomas

    WordPress can be moulded into practically anything. Like any piece of software, it has it’s issues, but the fact that it’s stood the test of time so well and is constantly evolving speaks volumes for the amazing ecosystem behind it.

  • Gordan Orlic

    Wow, really an epic giveaway.

  • Geoffrey Shilling

    WordPress is a wonderful platform empowering so many people! It’s amazing to see how it continues to grow and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

  • Alex von F.

    WordPress means a lot to me – it opened up a whole new world of web design and development for me and I enjoy working with it everyday. Well, almost everyday I’m enjoying it, sometimes it makes me pull my hair out! 😉

  • Roman

    WordPress – is the part of my life for the past 7 years. From the beginning it was just a platform for creating simple business websites, catalogs, blogs. I’d learned how to install and set up plugins, themes, write and format content. What is domain, what is hosting. Then there was a time to go a bit deeper – learn how to customize themes, html/css, how to use code snippets. Next was first custom theme created from scratch from psd layout. Then soon after woocommerce came and changed a world. I started create e-commerce websites, using premium themes and plugins from envato. Started learning how to customize plugins, how to boost wordpress, optimize it in many ways. Then adaptive design. Then modern development process – node.js, npm, git, gulp, bower, sass, vagrant, ancieble, composer, poedit, easyengine etc. And I’d learned that everything without any cources and studies, just by practice and wordpress community. By WordPress itself.
    And I also earned some money by wordpress too)))

  • Durgesh Kalya

    It is definitely an alternate universe for me. Where I can be myself, post my thoughts and make some money.

  • adel

    “What does WordPress mean to you?”
    My job

  • Scott Dunn

    I use WordPress everyday for my own men’s ministry site. It helps me reach people I couldn’t normally.
    I also have helped others set up dozens of WP based sites. It’s been awesome watching this thing grow.

  • Joel Stickney

    WordPress is the glue holding together my business, my growth as a developer, and one of my main social circles of friends in the community, all of us WordPress-ing together. Basically, it means a lot.

  • Juraj

    WordPress Is a great platform to learn to code and get proficient with it.

  • Darlene

    I love WordPress and have used it for many years but this year I am learning deeper – love it! this would be a great opportunity for me.

  • Pritush

    I started using WordPress since V2. Though I’m not a professional I enjoying using WordPress in sites and also design sites for friends. WordPress has helped me to establish my online persona in quick and easy way.
    Its really amazing that WP is suitable for starter as well as professional for complex projects. This is the reason I have always been suggesting WP as CMS.

  • Scott Hack

    To me using WordPress means empowerment. I can build and publish something on my own ( mostly ) without having to get outside assistance.

  • Eric Kuznacic

    WordPress to me means democracy.

  • Benjamin Denis

    I make a living with WordPress!

  • Adam Bell

    WordPress is essentially my life. It means to me that i have a career in something I love doing and get compensated for doing it.

  • Todd Edelman

    WordPress allows me the luxury of living a freelance lifestyle and providing for my clients and my family. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  • Scott Hartley

    WordPress too me is probably the greatest piece of open source software that web developers have ever received. It allows anyone to contribute to shape its future, it allows the leads to pass the torch to some of the most gifted web developers and to lead the way to a better experience for anyone. WordPress has come a long from being a humble little blogging software to becomg a full blown content management system. With tools such as Multisite to plugins such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce or bbPress WordPress continues to push the boundaries

  • João

    WordPress is part of My life. I can’t live without coding on web and wordpress provides me the fastest & easyeste way. I’m proud to say that I use WordPress since I’m fifteen Years Old.

  • Valentina

    WordPress is responsible for living a better life. It allows me to build beautiful and functional websites fast and with ease. Plus the community is really awesome. The WCEU talks inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and contribute to this awesome platform.

  • Mounir

    WordPress is for me a way to interract with many peple from all over the world. The spirit in the community really helps to give me back faith the humanity.
    Apart from that it’s a learning tool. 🙂

  • Christopher Smith

    WordPress powers all my clients websites and I wouldn’t be able to do what I do on daily basis if it wasn’t here. I hope I win this, it’d be amazing, it’d help my business extremely with being able to offer premium licenses. Thank you for posting this giveaway, best of luck to everyone.

  • Karim

    WP is like opening a pandora’s box to me.

  • Pranjal Gupta

    I discovered WordPress back in 2009, since today I’ve been creating numerous sites with a footer, “powered by WordPress.”

    Not just creating sites, I was so impressed with WordPress, that I started blogging about it, and I created a blog called as Blogosense.

    So here I am using WordPress since, last 7 years, and many years ahead!

  • Josephine Reijman

    WordPress means to me a change in carreer which I really enjoy! I love working with this CMS an so do my cliënts!

  • Gadjo Dilo

    WordPress is a powerful csm and a great community that allow me to deploy fast website for various campaign

  • Jeffrey Paul

    WordPress to me is more than just the open source software that I’ve used to help business large and non-profits small (re)establish themselves online. It’s also a community of like-minded individuals interested in progressively moving forward the state of the web with secure, simple, graceful software. Y’all are great people, let’s keep up the great work!

  • Tajim

    WordPress Means everything to me. WordPress has helped me put food on my family’s table over half a decade now and WordPress is the only CMS I work with.

    WordPress Jindabad !

  • Donna Cecilia

    WordPress means taking my site to a whole new level. Elegant Themes also helped.

  • Lisa McMahon

    WordPress is how I make my living. I’ve built websites since 1995 but using WordPress has changed the way I work, what I deliver to my customers, and my level of productivity. WordPress is so powerful yet flexible and the support of the development community is like none other!

  • Jake Hawkes

    WordPress is excellent open source software. When I first started looking into an OS CMS I used Nuke-PHP and Drupal. I personally didn’t like all the setup in Drupal, just too many dang options but the taxonomy was a killer blow to all the competitors. Once WordPress opened up, or I realized I could write custom meta fields and post types easily I was hooked. I learned that the post table is more or less a blob and that cacheing is critical, but it is a slick little tool for a MySQL backend that works well.

  • John C

    I used WordPress to power an online degree program, and now I use it to help clients communicate their ideas.

  • Gary Gray

    WordPress allows me to work when I want and where I want. No more need to be on-site for a job or client any longer, as I can work from wherever I please.

  • Pablo Domínguez

    WordPress is my favorite tool to build websites and publish content since I first started using it about 5 years ago. It’s completely changed the way I see the web, by taking me closer to open source development and a community bursting with activity.

  • Rod

    it means lost time. always fixing something/learning.

  • Jessica Morrow

    WordPress means a chance to get off disability. I have raised and homeschool a disabled daughter through high school all while on disability myself. Now that she’s in college, I can see a path forward with WordPress to a financially independent life. I have no desire to be rich, just to rise above my circumstances and stand on my own financially. Plus, it’s heaps of fun ?!

  • Gaurav

    WordPress is like a Game Changer of my life. Now it’s a important part of my life. I love to create beautiful websites in WordPress.

  • Ryan Ott

    WordPress allows me to create incredible experiences for personal projects, beautiful interfaces for site visitors, and share it all with the community that helps to make it better all the time.

  • Andita Sely Bestoro

    WordPress? Not just a software, but became one of the sources of my income, part of my life.

    As simple as that

  • Hamish

    I have fun making nice things with it – and at times it’s supplemented my income, at other times been my sole income.

  • Pradeep Singh

    WordPress makes it possible for me to do what I love!

  • Jason Hop

    A way for me to live my life mission that I came to this rock to do.
    A way for my creativity to ouze out

  • Mark Zahra

    Being introduced to WordPress was one of the best things to happen to me. I now work solely on WordPress projects as part of a great remote team and I couldn’t ask for a better job!

  • Teresa G

    WP has opened the door to expanding my skills and enhancing my career.

  • Albert

    WordPress means the small mom-and-pop clients can have a versatile affordable website.

  • Christopher Neetz

    What does WordPress mean to you?

    WordPress means freedom for us and our clients. We love how it enables and lifts communities to levels of empowerment that was never before possible. Because WordPress is so widely accepted and supported, there are endless extendable possibilities to enjoy and revel in.

  • David

    WordPress is the backbone of my site. It makes it much easier to focus on writing and not worry about the nuts and bolts behind the scenes.

  • ile

    WordPress is the reason i got into webdev.

  • Kai Viola

    WordPress means my health (mental health advocacy), my server (would never have taken it on without writing a plugin for WordPress to test something I thought I understood – turns out I didn’t). WordPress is the go to tool for me – I don’t use anything else to build websites, I work with themes constantly, and I run my businesses through them. It’s a building block, and foundation, but, because I’m disabled, it’s also my freedom. I’m free because of WordPress – I get to write and build my writing platform, but I have so many great things from following WordPress to the person that I am.
    It may sound like you could swap this for a religion, but in some ways it’s right. I worship at the altar of WordPress and WordPress is a kind deity 😉
    Seriously, WordPress is as much a part of my world as my exercise, my server, my writing. It lets me do everything I need to do in my world, either because I know it’s not going to break easily, or because it speeds everything up. I’ve been blogging since the days we had to hand code new links into includes files, and before blogging was a thing – it’s so hard to remember how different it was now, and WordPress changed and levelled the playing field for me.
    Thanks WordPress!

  • Ben

    WordPress empowers us to create Websites that are tailored to the requirements of our clients.

  • Marcel Stephan

    What WordPress means to me? Well quite frankly: a lot! Since I discovered WordPress and decided to start my own business a lot of happy customers have great websites now.
    Now I only have to change my own, but with so many customers, I cannot find the time to get myself a new theme…

  • Robert Gillmer

    Well, since I run a WordPress-based web design firm, WordPress means a roof over my head and food on my table. 🙂

    Beyond just that, the open source aspect of WordPress means that we developers come together to collaborate and cooperate much more so than we would do so with proprietary software.

    Most importantly, it means that my customers fully own the website they’ve purchased. There’s no feeling of being beholden to any company, including my own.

  • Jeremy Josey

    I want to win something!!!….lol

  • Jason Weber

    WordPress means I have the ability to tap into my creativity.

  • Roberto Villela

    WordPress changed how I work with web years ago…

    Today I live only by WordPress website development, teach WordPress on my school and give trainings to local business in WP and Inbound Marketing

    The most friendly user CMS I used.
    WordPress today is my life!

  • Michael Quinn

    WordPress gives me freedom to create a business whatever way I see fit. WordPress grows as we grow. Using other CMS for other clients – you realise how awesome it is not to be stuck in 2012 or whenever their CMS stopped improving.

  • Avash Poudel

    For me, WordPress means a blogging mate and a cool weapon to trade for a money.

  • Rajat

    I’m business graduate who once had a handsome salary with 6 hours of daily travel to job. WordPress gave me freedom and Independence to work at home and use that travel time with my loved ones.

  • Evan Herman

    WordPress is one of the most powerful tools of our time. Providing free speech to millions, and thousands of jobs to so many developers/designers – there are very few things greater that you can get for FREE.

  • Phillip Cornwell

    WordPress is my life. I have my current job because of WordPress. It is the reason I can support my family. Because of Meetups and WordCamps it is also the main subject of any social interactions I have. I literally LIVE WordPress.

  • Jeff

    WordPress lets people build websites that THEY, not a company, are in control of.

  • siddardha

    Hope to win some amazing WordPress goodie 🙂

  • Dustin

    WordPress is my livelihood. I work full-time providing services related exclusively to WordPress. I love WordPress. I love the community. I love going to WordCamp and local meetups (when I can). I love the concept of open source and I love the practice even more. 🙂

  • Madalin

    For now it’s just more of a hobby than a full time job. Trying to learn the basics of javascript and I really hope to be able to finish my first project.

  • Glenn Mulleners

    WordPress became a way of life. It’s all about meeting people (WordCamps), helping each other (contribute to WP/plugins/themes) and serving clients (through website development).

  • Mirko

    Started as a fun project but due to the easy use of wordpress I discovered a new passion which is becoming a tra